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Author Topic: Trading rules  (Read 1386 times)
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« on: April 19, 2011, 08:43:34 PM »

We remind you that server rules forbid selling or purchasing ingame currency / characters / items (and anything else like power leveling, etc.) for real money.
In case of violation both the seller and the purchaser get account ban.

Please, take notice of the following rules when posting trade messages on forums:

1. Message must contain ingame nick of the seller / purchaser;

2. Message must contain the starting price and the currency used (Adena or SC/RUR) and in case of a trade for item(s), the name of the respective item(s) must be mentioned;

3. In case of char selling, the message must contain the nick of the char on sale.

All inconsistent  messages will be deleted!
All messages containing only contact info (Skype, ICQ)  - reason for IG account ban!!
All trading messages between other servers beside RPG Club ones, are strictly forbidden!!!

This rules will take affect from this moment onwards and already existing threads (respectively their creators) will not be checked and punished, but it is advised that you edit them according to the said rules!
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