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Author Topic: WTS FULL ITEMS (very cheap for fast adena)  (Read 1325 times)
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« on: September 15, 2015, 06:14:23 PM »

Personal Hello, I'm selling various items as I will play with only 1 char now on.


Vesper Cutter +3 Focus 300wind
Vesper Stormer 150wind
Vesper Cutter +3 150Holy
Icarus Dual Sword +3 150Holy

Vesper Thrower +3 150Holy
Vesper Caster Acumen 150Holy
Dynasty Sword +3 150Fire
Vesper Caster  150Holy
Icarus Spirit +4 Acumen 35Dark
Vesper Fighter +3 300Fire
Vesper Slasher +5 Focus 300Fire
Icarus Trident +3 Crit. Stun 225Holy
Dynasty Crusher +4 Rsk. Focus 300Fire
Vesper Buster +1 150Wind
Sword of Valhalla +7 Acumen

Armor Set:

Moirai Hvy +15  1554Atr
Moirai Hvy 600Atr
Moirai Hvy 600Atr
Moirai Robe 264Atr + Sigil
Moirai Hvy 420Atr
Moirai Robe clean + Sigil
Moirai Robe 356Atr + Sigil
Moirai Robe clean + Sigil
Vorpal Leather +15 1128Atr
Vesper Noble Robe 606Atr + Sigiel Vesper +4
Vesper Leather
Mithril Belt (S) clean


Zaken +3
Freya +1

I need fast adena, so I'm willing to listen to any offer.
Send a pm in the forum or else mail in game for "Craftw
Thank you all and be happy.
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