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« on: August 31, 2009, 04:56:11 PM »

Main rules:
1. Admin/Moderator is always right.
2. If Admin/Moderator is not right – take a look at 1.

Forbidden for all users:
1. Create forum accounts:
     1.1 With nicknames containing web-links, offensive or obscene language, associated with racism.
     1.2 Duplicating existing forum users.

2. Create topics:
     2.1 Already discussed on the forum. Use search to find answers to your questions.
     2.2 In an inappropriate forum boards. Off-topic will be moved to an appropriate forum.
     2.3 In several forums simultaneously, or several identical topics in one forum.
     2.4 With poorly informative names, such as "Help!" or "Question". Topic name should reflect the general content of a topic.

3. Post messages containing:
     3.1 Disrespectful speech or defamation to the address of the server administration.
     3.2 Appeals to racism, incitement of ethnic hatred.
     3.3 Direct links and references to the tragic events that took place in real life, directly or indirectly related to Lineage2.
     3.4 False information.
     3.5 Commercial advertising, advertising of other projects, referral links.
     3.6 Offensive statements about other users, all kinds of provocation.
     3.7 Accusations of scam and witch hunts without proof.
     3.8 Excessive use of spelling errors and slang words.
     3.9 Flood (meaningless replies).
     3.10 Maximum screenshot size in messages - 640x480 pixels.
     3.11 Maximum quotes on posts of other forum members - 4.
     3.12 Excessive use of capital letters (Caps Lock). Especially in topic`s name.

4. Discussion in any way:
     4.1 Actions of the forum administration. Use private messages to contact the administration.
     4.2 Questions from topics closed/deleted by moderators.

5. Publication of images and/or texts containing pornographic material, scenes of violence in posts, avatars or signatures.

6. Maximum image size in signatures - 600х200 pixels.

7. Posting in any language except English in "English-speaking Community Forums". Posting in Russian and other languages is allowed in special sections of "Other Languages Communities Forums". If you want to create your language community, contact the forums administration.

Forum community should:

1. In case of forum rules violation by other users, inform the administration using the «Report to moderator» form. An answer to a message containing rules violation is regarded as an indirect infringement of the rules.
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