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13  Federation [x15] / Flame / Re: Antharas & Valakas respawn time on: February 26, 2021, 01:47:33 PM
Hi! i am not sure it is worth something but i must write it. i dont know to who i need  write this post GM Admin Moderator (or need ask SL to give me some info who is person for problems but I know how SL say money talk and make our game) !
So what is a problem.. First they ask pvp zone around Epic Boss they got it.. this is not enough to SL.. they start change again..make fix time Epic Boss they again got it..  what u think “PERSON”! This server need to make like SL want? U dont have more player on server and ask what they think about all change? What u think “PERSON”? 
SL play with program it is ok! When u see some SL got ban? NEVER? U go pvp to make fun and what happen? U cant target SL member? U cant agro SL member? Why? Tell me pls! I am not good pvp player but I give my best after all this S**t what I know about them and u “PERSON”.. and again this is not enough?
But if realy make u happy this all and u”PERSON” need let it maybe! Maybe this is best reason to ppl leav this SL server and let “PERSON” and SL play together..
And one more.. If u “PERSON” dont know what is L2 and what mean kill dragons I will tell u.. Dragons is rare, something what u cant kill easy, u need sacrifice your free time to get something good! Something special! Something what cant all have! Something for what u need waik up earlier and go to bad late but it is worth if u realy want!
With fix time what u get? U got big nothing! U just killing this server. U give to ppl who have everything to have more and more!

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