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1  General Category / Clans / Re: Mage CP lf EE AMH clan ( old QQ ) on: October 04, 2012, 09:57:28 PM
i will play EE  but what is the required playtime ?
2  General Category / General information / Re: Confused as hell on: October 01, 2012, 04:37:20 AM
1. Once you start the client go into options and change the language from Russian --> English

2. You need GF client for OBT, H5 for 1000x, h5obt, 15x.

When server comes out everything will be in english.

ok thank you very much , i have another question, i managed to enter to the 15x with the H5 client and on the website it says 1000+- are online but i went to giran and some other places and it appeared like less than 100 people, are those accurate ?
3  General Category / General information / Confused as hell on: October 01, 2012, 03:44:17 AM
Hey everyone, i'm new to RPG-Club server and i have no idea what's going on... i heard this server is really good because they just kept talking about this new server in all the other servers i have a couple of questions :

1-Why when i tried joining the beta server my ENGLISH   client translated to RUSSIAN , i had to re-install the whole game because of it, so when the server comes out i will have to play a russian client...?( i was using gracia final client).

2- There is a 1000x server , but it doesn't say what chronicle it is, when i tried joining it said i had the wrong chronicle ( i was on my high five client).

 Huh Huh

Thanks for reading i am truly confused right now.

EDIT: i forgot to mention i was using the updater correctly i clicked the correct client update and even on the english language button.
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