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Author Topic: Pioneer [x30] HF - FAQ  (Read 645 times)
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Premium Account

Q: What does Premium Account do?
A: Premium Account allows you to use the following functions:
1. Additional box - you'll be able to load one more game account in addition to current box limit on the server.
2. Special Proxy  - redirecting game traffic via special servers with better ping.
3. Increased drop/spoil chance and adena drop amount +100%
4. PC Cafe Points gain Details >>>

Q: How does drop chance increase from PA work in a party?
A:100% is divided by the number of characters in the party and multiplied by the number of those of them having active PA.
In a party of 9 there will be 100% drop chance increase if all of them have PA.
n a party of 9 there will be 33% drop chance increase if 3 of them have PA.

Q: How does Additional Box work?
A:To load one more box you need the account with PA to be already ingame.
The account with PA must be logged in first so that the bonus affects all further loaded boxes.

Q: Does PA affect Fame amount?
A: No.

Q: Is it possible to purchase PA for less than a month?
A: Minimal period of Premium Account activation - 1 week - cost 129 RUR/month.
However it's cheaper to purchase PA for longer periods:
1 month - 299 RUR
3 months - 799 RUR
6 months - 1489 RUR

Q: Why does my account with PA (proxy) has issues with logging in or lags?
A: You can change the proxy server individually for your account on accout CP on website.
If lags remain with either option Random or StormWall, only services like, or any other proxy can help to improve routing.

Q:Does PA status work for all servers?
A: Yes.

NPC Buffer

Q: How much do buffs cost?
A: Free of charge.

Q: Can NPC Buffer buff pets and servitors?
A: No.
Servitors get the master's buff when summonned though.


Q: How can I move coins from site to the game?
A:It will be possible when at least one character is created on the new server.
You must use "Buy Coins" option in the account CP on site.
You can't transfer coins or pay for goods from the game.

Q: Can I transfer RURs from other servers?
A: Yes, but there's an exchange rate:
From President [x3] - 3 to 1
From Freedom [x5] and Federations [x15] - 5 to 1
From БеZzZумие [x1000] - 10 to 1

Q: What do I do if the donation doesn't appear on my game account?
A:If the sum doesn't appear in your account CP on website in an hour submit a ticket to support helpdesk


Q: Does recommendations bonus to Nevit Blessing work?
A:The bonus from the recommendations works.
20 recommendations for character creation are added only on 1st character on account.
Recommendations are given to the characters an hour after its creation.
The character must be above level 1.

Q: What are server Cloaks that people mention?
A:Special server items, similar to Power Shirt but equipped in talisman slot.
Bonus depends on current enchantment level.
Main bonuses include carry weight capacity and inventory slots increase.

Cloack of Flame:
Pioneer [x30] HF - FAQ, l2 high five mods, lineage 2 emulator

Cloak of Greenery:
Pioneer [x30] HF - FAQ, l2 high five mods, lineage 2 emulator

Pioneer [x30] HF - FAQ, l2 high five mods, lineage 2 emulator
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