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Author Topic: How to upload NTC screenshots  (Read 1235 times)
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« on: March 26, 2010, 09:39:55 PM »

Dear NTC authors!
For the general convenience, we would like to host screenshots on our server. Please, do the following:

1. Choose about 15 (up to 30, if necessary) most interesting screenshots and send to e-mail: .
Topic: 2010.xx.xx_NTC_F/E_x30_nick
All shots should be the same size (width, height)
Number them as 1,2,3…10,11...15 (not 01,02)
Put screenshots to the folder 2010.xx.xx_NTC_F/E_x30_nick
F or E – means the topic (Feod or Epos)
The folder must be compressed in format rar.
2. Screenshots will be uploaded to our ftp, and you’ll be sent your links like thisхх.хх/big/7.jpg   - for high-resolution screenshotхх.хх/little/7.jpg  - for low-resolution
2010.xx.xx – variable, the date of the event (not the date of your post on forums)
epic – variable, depends on topic (feod/epos)

3. Use given links for your coverage.

4. After you posted your story, write a PM to Maxim, titled “NTC update” and include link to your topic and name of the char to get the reward.

5. Get your reward
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How to upload NTC screenshots, lineage 2 high five pvp server, l2
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