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Author Topic: Seductive Whispers (50+)  (Read 40454 times)
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Basic information

Start location: Town of Aden
Start NPC: Blacksmith Wilbert
Start level: 50+
Recommended level: 50-70
Quest type: repeatable
Reward: money, B weapon recipes/mats, scrolls of enchant weapon/armor up to A-grade


Dear players!

Today I have prepared a guide for the “Seductive Whisper” quest. This quest is great for everyone who wants to exp on undead monsters in the Aden territory and earn some special money and enchant scrolls. The quest is quite easy and repeatable, so you can do it unlimited times.

Let’s begin!

1. To start this quest, you have to go to the Town of Aden and visit Blacksmith Wilbert in the blacksmith shop.

Seductive Whispers (50+), lineage x1, lineage com

2. He tells you to hunt undead monsters in various locations near Aden to collect “Spirit Beads” from them (at least 50).

Seductive Whispers (50+), lineage x1, lineage com

3. The drop rate is about 40%, but most monsters are only 1x HP or 1/2x HP, so it takes just few minutes to collect all the necessary quest items. You can collect the items in these locations:

The Cemetery recommended level 50 - 60 (teleport from the Aden Gatekeeper to "Seal of Shillien")

Seductive Whispers (50+), lineage x1, lineage com

Mobs to hunt in the Cemetery:
Spiritful Ghost of Ruin (50)
Soldier of Grief (51)
Cruel Punisher (52)
Roving Soul (53)
Tortured Undead (53)

The Fields of Massacre and the Devasted Castle recommended level 58 - 70 (teleport from the Aden Gatekeeper to "Fields of Massacre")

Seductive Whispers (50+), lineage x1, lineage com

Mobs to hunt in the Fields of Massacre, the Devasted Castle:
Wretched Archer (55)
Doom Scout (56)
Doom Servant (60)
Doom Guard (61)
Doom Archer (62)
Spiteful Soul Fighter (62)
Doom Trooper (63)
Spiteful Soul Wizard (63)
Doom Warrior (64)
Doom Knight (65)
Spiteful Soul Leader (65)

The Ancient Battleground recommended level 60-74 (teleport from the Aden Gatekeeper to "Ancient Battleground")

Seductive Whispers (50+), lineage x1, lineage com

Mobs to hunt in the Ancient Battleground:
Hungered Corpse (60)
Ghostly Warrior (62)
Past Knight (64)
Bloody Ghost (64)
Bloody Knight (65)
Bloody Priest (66)
Nihil Invader (66)
Death Agent (68)
Bloody Lord (68)
Dark Guard (70)

4. If you play solo, I recommend you to go to the Cemetery (50+) or the Fields of Massacre (58+). In the Ancient Battleground (60+), all the monsters are in groups of 5, so for a single person it might be difficult to kill them. On the other hand, if you are in a party or have good AoE damage, you can farm Spirit Beads there, because it is faster than killing mobs one by one. Especially warlords, destroyers or small parties may find this place great.

5. When you collect 50 Spirit Beads, you can return to the blacksmith shop and play a game with Wilbert (a gamble game!). The game has up to 8 rounds and costs 50 Spirit Beads per one game. The higher round you get in, the better reward you can receive. But be aware! If you lose a round, you get nothing. At the end of each round you can decide whether to continue or stop and receive your reward.

How to play?

1. First of all you have to click on "I want to play." (Requires 50 Spirit Beads).

Seductive Whispers (50+), lineage x1, lineage com

2. Then you draw a card.

Seductive Whispers (50+), lineage x1, lineage com

3. After you, Wilbert is on his turn with drawing his card.

Seductive Whispers (50+), lineage x1, lineage com

4. Now you can see if you won the round or not. If you won, you can continue to another round or grab you reward and quit the game. If you lost, you can challenge Wilbert again (you play the game from the start - costs 50 Spirit Beads).

Seductive Whispers (50+), lineage x1, lineage com

5. If you don't feel good about playing the real game yet, you can try to practice it for 1 Spirit Bead. The principle of the game is the same, you just don't get the final rewards when you win (you get only 800 adena for winning a round).

Seductive Whispers (50+), lineage x1, lineage com

The list of rewards:

1 winning round: 120 000 adena
2 winning rounds: 240 000 adena
3 winning rounds: 330 000 adena + 1 EWD
4 winning rounds: 597 000 adena + 1 EWC
5 winning rounds: 1 164 000 adena + 1 random B-grade weapon recipe (60%)
6 winning rounds: 2 025 000 adena + 1 random material for a B-grade weapon
7 winning rounds: 3 852 000 adena + 2 EWB + 2 EAB
8 winning rounds: 7 152 000 adena + 1 EWA + 2 EAA
(note: all adena rewards have been recalculated according to the server quest money multiplier)

As you can see, the rewards from higher rounds are pretty good for a 50+ level quest. On the other hand, the chance to win all 8 rounds isn't very high.

I wish you a good luck!

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