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Author Topic: Vostok [x30] High Five - FAQ  (Read 1778 times)
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Premium Account

Q: What does Premium Account do?
A: Premium Account allows you to use the following functions:
1. Additional box - you will be able to simultaneously load additional windows into the game in excess of the current limit set on the server at that time.
2. Special Proxy  - redirecting game traffic through specialized servers with the best ping. PA does not provide advantages in the queue of connection to game servers, however, it significantly reduces the likelihood of lags.
3. +100% drop, +100% Adena
4. PA Points gain Details >>>

Q: How does Additional Box work?
A:All accounts with the enabled "+ Window" function can load one window in excess of the established limit.
That is, with a limit of 3 windows, a player can load 4 windows if the +1 additional game window function is activated on one of the accounts.
All paid additional windows have access to the game, regardless of the current restriction.
+1 additional game window is automatically added for all accounts with a Premium subscription, however, an additional window can be purchased for an account regardless of whether it has a PA status.
Several additional windows can be purchased for one account. The number of additional windows available for purchase is not limited.
To load an additional window while the limit is in effect, an account with a PA subscription or the purchased "+ Windows" function must be already in the game.
That is, the PA account must be logged in first in order for the PA bonus to apply to all subsequently loaded windows.

Q: Does PA affect Fame amount?
A: No.

Q: Is it possible to purchase PA for less than a month?
A: Minimal period of Premium Account activation - 1 week - cost 229 RUR/week.
However it's cheaper to purchase PA for longer periods:
1 month - 489 RUR
3 months - 999 RUR
6 months - 1489 RUR

Q: Why does my account with PA (proxy) has issues with logging in or lags?
A: If you experience lags when playing from an account with an active or previously enabled Premium subscription, first of all, you should change the proxy for this account.
This oprion is available in "VIP/PA/Premium" section of My Account control panel on rpg-club website.
The change of proxy remains available in the personal account even after the expiration of the Premium subscription period.

Q:Does PA status work for all servers?
A: Yes. Bonuses of a Premium Account apply to all game servers by RPG-Club, both existing and newly opened, as well as to all characters on the account.


Q: Can one play wothout donations?
A: Yes, there are many ways get RUR for free by participating in various creative contests, promotions and giveaways: More >>>

Q: Can I transfer RURs from other servers?
A: Yes, but there's an exchange rate:
From Federations [x15] - 5 to 1
From БеZzZумие [x1000] - 10 to 1

Q: How can I move coins from site to the game?
A:It will be possible when at least one character is created on the new server.
You must use "Buy Coins" option in the account CP on site.
You can't transfer coins or pay for goods from the game.

Q: What do I do if the donation doesn't appear on my game account?
A:If the sum doesn't appear in your account CP on website in an hour submit a ticket to support helpdesk


Q: Does recommendations bonus to Nevit Blessing work?
A:The bonus from the recommendations works.
20 recommendations for character creation are added only on 1st character on account.
Recommendations are given to the characters an hour after its creation.
The character must be above level 1.

Q: What are server Cloaks that people mention?
A:Special server items, similar to Power Shirt but equipped in talisman slot.
Bonus depends on current enchantment level.
Main bonuses include carry weight capacity and inventory slots increase.

Cloack of Flame:
Vostok [x30] High Five - FAQ, lineage2 iphone 6, lineage salvation

Cloak of Greenery:
Vostok [x30] High Five - FAQ, lineage2 iphone 6, lineage salvation
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Vostok [x30] High Five - FAQ, lineage2 iphone 6, lineage salvation

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Can you tell mi If u open Beta for the new server x 30?
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Can you tell mi If u open Beta for the new server x 30?


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