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« on: December 24, 2018, 03:07:12 PM »

Event: Raising Rudolph, lineage ii ertheia, lineage 2 versions
Santa's reindeer have unionized and gone on strike in an attempt to earn themselves extra vacation time! This has obviously perturbed Santa, seeing as they already have a monumental 364 days off every year. So, instead of bowing to their demands, old St. Nicholas has turned to the brave adventurers of Lineage II. Help raise brand new reindeer in time for Christmas and reward the children of Aden for all the good deeds they've done this year. Who knows, there might even be something in it for those who help out too!

25.12.2018 - 08.01.2019 - main event period. You can obtain event items by killing monsters.
09.01.2019 - 14.01.2019 - event items are no longer dropped from monsters. Event NPC (White-Bearded Santa) remains in towns to exchange event items.
14.01.2019 (after night restart) - event NPC disappeares and the following items are deleted:
- Rudolph Necklace (Event)

How to Participate
  • Players can receive baby Rudolph from the Santa Event NPC. Santa will give players three Rudolph Necklaces and three Rudolph Baby Food items every 24 hours for 1,000 Adena.
  • Players can receive a maximum of three Rudolf Necklaces per 24 hours. Baby food is unlimited, and Santa sells it for 50 000 Adena each.
  • Only one Rudolph can be summoned since it is a "pet." The first stage of a Rudolph is called Baby Rudolph. The second stage is called Rudolph, and the third and last stage is called Adult Rudolph.
  • Rudolph will give hints of its growing process through conversation.
  • After you summon a baby Rudolf and feed it, it will immediately evolve and buff its owner.
  • Players can also buy a Santa Hat Set from Santa. The box contains a Santa Hat and a Rudolph's Nose.
  • Players can buy one Santa Hat Set every 24 hours, and both items will expire after 14 days.
Taking Care of Rudolph
Rudolph needs both Feeding and Affection to grow into an adult! He does not take any XP in order to grow!

Feeding Baby Rudolph:
Event: Raising Rudolph, lineage ii ertheia, lineage 2 versions
  • Baby Rudolph pets must be fed Baby Food so it can grow into a Rudolph.
  • To use the Baby Food, select the Rudolph and double-click on the Baby Food icon. The Baby Rudolph will evolve into a Rudolph.
Feeding Rudolf:

Event: Raising Rudolph, lineage ii ertheia, lineage 2 versions
  • Fruit Baskets should be fed to Rudolph to raise it into an Adult Rudolph.
  • Fruit Baskets drop regularly from mobs throughout the world.
  • Rudolph will automatically eat the Fruit Baskets that are dropped. Players cannot pick up Fruit Baskets.
  • Players can give their Rudolph affection by using the "Reindeer Scratch" action in the action tab of the pet window.
  • A Rudolph requests affection from its owner every 15 minutes.
  • Rudolph will continually ask for affection until it is received, even when it is unsummoned and summoned again.
  • When a player gives affection to a Rudolph, its Affection level will increase by 25%.
  • The Affection level cannot go down, so after using the Reindeer Scratch skill 4 times, it will be full. Since Rudolph requests affection roughly every 15 minutes, it will take around 1 hour to fill the Affection Level to 99%, which is the same amount of time for the Growth Bar to reach 99%.
What do I get for raising a Rudolph?
  • Once all of the pet Rudolph's bars have reached 99%, it will evolve into an Adult Rudolph. There are six types of Adult Rudolph that it can grow into.
  • The Adult Rudolph will return to Santa automatically 10 minutes after it becomes an adult. Players will get a powerful 1 hour buff for their efforts.
Event: Raising Rudolph, lineage ii ertheia, lineage 2 versions

Santa Gifts
Event: Raising Rudolph, lineage ii ertheia, lineage 2 versions

While hunting on any monsters you may also receive a special item that you can exchange for one of Santa's gifts from the Event NPC.

Event: Raising Rudolph, lineage ii ertheia, lineage 2 versions

Event: Raising Rudolph, lineage ii ertheia, lineage 2 versions
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Been farming for 2 hours in DV. 0 fruit baskets. Hello?
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