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Author Topic: LF International active CP  (Read 793 times)
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« on: May 25, 2021, 11:10:38 PM »

Hello , i am LF CP for this new x30 server , i can play any class in this game but i prefer some dps for this new server cause i played too much suport ( bp ) in previous servers.
Time for play is variable , i can be daily for primes 18:00-00:00 gtm +3 but sometime i could come more , usualy this depends of the CP i play with, if i enjoy game and people are not monkeys and CP lider is not selfish .
I am able use any kind of communications ts3 mumble discord etc.

I can guarantee minimum 90 % activity for cp/clan events like epics , siege tw, forts etc.

CP who recruit me must be active, competitive , active on pvp not farming till server die for nothing and to play in some side who fight for epics

I dont mind if CP is russians if cp have lider who speak english and during the important actions inform on english , also to update me of daily things so i dont have to fell like alone in CP and to not know  what is the plan and what is hapening.
I am able donate for myself at the begin for necesary things and i don't use softs ! i have 10 fingers....i use them well ! Soft is for nabs!

Contact : skype ----lonedruid20
              Facebook :

Here is my youtube channel and some videos from previous rpg-club servers !

rpg x1 :

x30 Quarantine

x5  server with scammers CP Comanda X

x7 server
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