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Author Topic: 85 WR vorpal gear tezza etc  (Read 831 times)
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« on: April 27, 2013, 01:39:58 PM »

Selling my wr with full vorpal light +3
zaken cloak
+4 cp shirt top s ofcourse pvp skill attack dmg increase belt
+4 vesper daggers 300 earth currently has paralyse augment
 +5 tezza neck, +3/4 vorpal earrings and ring, 3 earring 1 ring. Halisha helmet and rudolf with 575 fresh herbs left!
Also have a blue 12 and red 15, vesper sigil tts earring neck and moirai neck. Only missing bomber for a s84 weapon. almost got tezza cloak and a few freya souls. 69 kooka and 66 wolf with top gear. All spellbooks. a few +15 skills bluff and shizzle blew up most of em.
Mystic muse, Sws and destro sub. got top a gear for em all atleast. all 76+.
uuh... any questions just add me on skype chrisrock11 or mail me here, probably gonna be quicker on skype to get a hold of me!
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