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Author Topic: WTT ITEMS/CHARS x15 for adena/RUR x3  (Read 780 times)
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« on: December 03, 2012, 08:00:58 PM »

Spectral Master lvl 85 with cardi lvl 85 sub
skills from second class from +18 to +29
skills from third class if i remember well all +15
freya necklace
zaken earing
full vesper noble MW set 1800 att and 2 parts +6
buster 300 dark with active curse doom skill
arcana sigil mw
vorpal shield
300k+ olly tokens
set and weapon with pvp

Ol lvl 85 skills +9+15 nobless, no subs, some tokens
with vesper robe set and B weapon with acu+8

NECRO lvl 80 and 100% for DV farm with nobl and skills +9 to +13
this char is sub of a lvl 76 GH and has another sub of destro lvl 75
char has icarus spirit +acu and +150 dark and moirai robe set + arcana sigil
some olly tokens

i have also somewhere around 10 bilion adena

PM me if interested in smth
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