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Author Topic: WTB EE around 76 LVL or trade it for my SPS 75  (Read 653 times)
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« on: January 30, 2013, 01:18:50 AM »

As I said I'm interested in buying EE for ADENA, I don't care is it equipped or not, tell details like: is it equipped, if it is - how, lvl of it, and price in adena.

About SPS, I have DC set on it, Robe is +4 and helmet +1 Cheesy, Valhalla+4 with ACU, MJ common jewerly, koka lvl 72, got 25kk at account and Mithril CP+4 Shirt etc. I can sell with or without equip, I don't know how much I wan't for it so just tell how much you think its worth (mind writing if you want it with the stuff I said it has or without). Also on account you can see there is my kamael lvl 25 that was supposed to become zerk Smiley, that's all.

The best would be trade ofc but I don't mind selling/buying.

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