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Author Topic: WTT Valakas for Antharas  (Read 532 times)
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« on: July 26, 2011, 02:05:23 AM »

as topic sais. Send PM in forum or msg here

WTT Valakas for Antharas, l2 high five weapon list, lineage 2 eternal
WTT Valakas for Antharas, l2 high five weapon list, lineage 2 eternal
Quote from: rez

1. Play LOL with Awaken (and win + compliment him / lose if playing versus him).
2. Lose 9v9 to Awaken to make him happy.
3. Lose at oly to Awaken to make him happy.
4. Be bulgarian (even better - be bulgarian emoquitter/nerd combo who cant speak english/play carry in LOL).
5. Be romanian philanthropist who sells 120/+6 dyna set for 4 adena.
6. Be polish proplayer/vcl who keeps the clam going when Awaken is playing LOL with Isane.
7. Be 20 years old ukrainian virgin who lives alone (in his room) and drives for top ru parties whenever he wants.
8. Mata style - spam Awaken daily how much you need some epic, tell him its big advantage on oly for your group, promise to lockdown some class' hero.
9. Satanko style - tell Awaken TS is not working for your party members and use VENT instead - this guarantee you at least 8/9 online for events since you can box everything with 2 people and nobody will see.
10. Satanko/Balconygt/Bispo/Pto style - say you wanna quit so Awaken will give you antharas/valakas as farewell gift.
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