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Author Topic: WTT PK lvl 85 on x5 for Adena/Items/Spoiler Char on x15  (Read 420 times)
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« on: April 30, 2011, 11:49:14 PM »

WTT PK lvl 85 and 82% nobless with all subclases, premium caravan certificate, cloak of greenery, Imperial Phoenix and Flame Icon learned, some enchanted skills, naked.
I WTT it for adena/items/Spoiler nobless lvl min 80 on x15.
PM here with an offer or ingame on x15. nick Tataitzu.
Char is with e-mail.

List of enchanted skills:

Agression +10 expose
Sacrifice +10 power
Majesty +10 power
UD +7 decrease penalty
Touch of life +10 time
Vengeance +7 decrease penalty
Angelic Icon +10 time
Shield of Faith +10 time
Anti Magic Armor
Shield Stun +13 recycle
Shield Slam +10 chance
Tribunal +10 modify critical
Shackle +10 chance
Shield Fortress +10 cost
Shield Mastery +10 defence
Magic Resistance +10 power
Focus Mind +10 power
Wisdom +10 power
Fighter's Will
Archer's Will
Knighthood +10 power
Sixth sense

Minimum price 15kkk or pm with items/char offer.
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