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« on: April 20, 2011, 04:13:48 PM »

WTS/T Swm 85 and 100% on x5 server for x15 server char/items

alll songs +10 cost
Song of silence +15
inner rythm +15
arrest +30
Heal +20
passive and active skills remaining +10
Protection of elemental learned
Archers will learned
Fighters will learned
3 Subs with (Haste+Ud+Cele)
Olympiad weapons with augments might/focus/clarity/Magic Barrier
Dynasty set all parts foundation all 120
icarus dagger +Focus+4+pvp+300 Attribute
vesper Bow+focus+300 attribute
Holy Spirit Cloack
+3 Regular Magic Pouch Belt
+4 Mithril shirt+cp
Mithril Bracelet
And many other shits in wh
I am interesting for adena/chars on x15 server
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