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Author Topic: WTS ZERKER  (Read 455 times)
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« on: September 16, 2011, 06:32:51 PM »

wts my doombringer, 85 43%, cp,celestial,master mdef, 370k tokens (+ 80k or 120k next month ), cloak of greenery,godard earring, unlimited ecs agathion, elemental prot, rune prot, f. will,exp weak p,e4e,final secret.  all 6 3rd class skills +15, disarm+30time,crush of pain+30duel, soul barier +27time, violent temper+22chance, the rest +10,mj/nm/dc light sets + other shits nort worth mentioning comes with account. you will have to pay 250 rurs for email change
price ± 25kkk pm on forum or write here

it was fast:D sold
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buxanto char on x5 sold ( 17th january 10:01 pm gmt +1  Smiley )
buxanto char on x15 sold (16th september 6pm gmt+1 Smiley )
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