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Author Topic: wts list  (Read 459 times)
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« on: May 08, 2011, 03:20:20 AM »

wts !!

draco set 60/60/60/60 safe enchant + draco helm mw
dual S + 4 +150 holy + MW
hd + 4 + 150 fire +f +MW
saint speer
angel slayer
ic shield
kokabura 81
wolf 78

pm here or IG : MagicElf

PS:wtt all list for x5 itemz

wts list , l2 quest clan lvl 6, lineage 2 gameplay 2018
Racism - if i start banning for it, i will ban ALL instances of it. The forum will be empty in a couple of days. The reason i don't ban for it is simple: most of you just don't realize the weight of your words, it's just a play thing for you. If your parents and the school you've been in (or still are) couldn't teach you this things, who am i to start doing it now? This doesn;t means i will ignore everything, so be prepared to be hit by the banshovel at any moment.

L2R - too long to discuss it again. Clear usage of l2r was always banned, example being anti backstab. Auto target/assist is too vague, you know that russians practice a lot of karate and that helps their reflexes. So who are we to determine if his target was automated by a program or the result of years of karate practice? : )

3vs3 oly - i was under the impression that this was fixed a long time ago, no?

Dehide - Maxim's choice. He said a lot of players cried for being banned for nothing as hitting in hide can happen by mistake also. So to avoid banning innocent people, he decided that this shouldn't be bannable (same as on retail, as he says).

-------------> RPG we love u !!! Cheesy:D
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