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Author Topic: WTS Ghost Hunter 85  (Read 730 times)
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« on: July 17, 2011, 01:30:08 AM »

Lvl 85 and 30%.  3 subclasses done. 1 is titan lvl 80 with certificate taken and some enchanted skills. Free nick change cause it got x5 in nick from merge. Naked.

Some misc items 1st like:

Permanent Collection Agathion
Cloak of greenery
72 rune TW badges
44 giran TW badges
Aden Protection Earring
Rune Fire protection necklace
Rune wind protection ring


Fighters Will
Dual Dagger Mastery
Archers will
Rune protection
Elemental protection
Expand trade lvl 1
Expand storage lvl 1
Expand inventory lvl 4
Sixth sense
Expose weak Point
Ghost Walking

Skills Enchant:

All 3rd class skills +15
Backstab +25 element
Deadly Blow +24 element
Blinding Blow +11 power
Drain health +11 power
UE +12 time
Mortal Strike +13 chance
Bleed +12 sap
Hex +11 chance
Vicious Stance +11 power
Dagger mastery +11 modify crit
Light Armor mastery +15 power
Quick Step +11 power
Critical Power +11 power
Boost Evasion +12 power

For more info pm me here or in game: xUnforgiveNx5 or Layaly

Waiting for offers.

P.S WTT tezza for zaken.
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WTS Ghost Hunter 85, lineage 2 3d models, lineage 2 high five
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