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Author Topic: WTS Fail Trashcan Hero Zerker  (Read 1858 times)
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« on: May 23, 2011, 09:20:09 AM »

My name is ph0cuz, I am bad, here are the stats to the char

Levels / Subs : 85.100% / 76/76/76
Skills/ Enchants
83 Skill Learned
Disarm +30 Time
Mass Disarm +15 Chance
Wisdom +15
Almost every other 2nd-3rd class skill is +10-+13 minimum
Books / Protections
Fighters Will
Protection Of Elemental
Protection Of Alignment

Char will come naked except for a few useful oly items.
Staff of evil spirits - BTB - Active heal augment (30s cooldown, 800 hp heal)
Hell knife - mental aegis - Active Reflect augment ( 25% physical damage reflected)
Some c grade btb staff - Active Clarity augment
Account also comes with email ofcourse ( You must pay to change it, it is my main email )

I'm interested in adena or possibly a char trade.

Interested in the following classes : TH / PR / SR / PW / HE / AW / Pala

Please don't offer me junk characters.

Char may also be sold with the Icarus Heavy Arms+300+Health - Active Refresh Augment

Forum PM's would be the best way to get ahold of me as I'm not ingame much anymore.
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WTS Fail Trashcan Hero Zerker, lineage 1 vs 2, lineage 2 helios
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