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Author Topic: wts cardinal x15 for rur/adena x3  (Read 807 times)
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« on: November 14, 2012, 11:42:34 PM »

Cardinal 85 lvl
Subs: SK 80/ BD 80/ Warlock 80  (all 3rd class) all 3 divine transforms

Mana burn +30 power
Mana storm +30 power
Magical Backfire +30 chance
Trance +28 time
Robe mastery +30 mdef
Greater Battle Heal +30 cost
(im might forgetting some more +30 skills right now)
Rest 2nd class skills +15+
3rd class skills +15

Can be sold with items or not.

Vorpal set full 120 element (x3 elements each part)
Vesper caster +acumen +300 wind Hurricane
Vesper buster +acumen +150 water Hydro Blast
Vesper caster +190 Holy Solar Flare (crystal 15 ready in wh need to lvl it 16 for acu)
Arcana Mace +acumen +150 fire Prominence

Augment sticks for: Refresh, WM, mdef, m.attack for olympiad(might forgetting some).. some more random augments in different weapon in wh PR and other shits.
Shitload of talismans in wh: UD,max clarity,wm, mdef, pdef, life force  etc etc

Vorpal jwls +5
Innadrill earring
Refined Wizard Hat, Jester Hat and more! =P

more S grade shits for subs. and dyna robe 120 set

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