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Author Topic: WTS Adventurer 85  (Read 1418 times)
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« on: September 14, 2011, 03:06:44 PM »

- Adventurer 85, all subs, nobl
- HB quest (premium certificate), CC quest
- Cloak of Greenery
- Oly ring/earing/some tokens, 23k+ fame
- refresh, celestial augment
- fighters will
- lot of talismans in WH

skill enchant:

Active:                                                           Passive:

backstab +30 water                                  dagger mastery +1 modify critical        
deadly blow +12 water                             light armor mastery +8 power
lethal blow +13 water                               boost evasion +10 power
focus power +14 power                           some more passive on +1
bleed +15 sap
bluff +13 chance
vicious stance +12 power

Char is without items except those, i got email (which you change). If you need any more details PM IG "Nobuko or better at forum. Just PM your offer in ADENA/ITEMS not "price??", ty.

WTS Adventurer 85, lineage2 chronicle 4, lineage goddess
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