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Author Topic: 2 YEARS SALE: weapons+SA+300, sets 900, epics, shirt and mucho moar EDITED  (Read 2450 times)
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« on: April 21, 2012, 09:37:24 PM »

=== WEAPONS ===
Vesper slasher (2h sword) +4+focus+300 holy 18kkk/target Arendila in Aden
Icarus heavy arms (2h sword) +4+health+300 earth 12kkk/target Arendila in AdenSOLD
Icarus sawsword (1h sword) +4+focus+300 holy 10kkk/target Arendila in Aden
Icarus dual dagger +4+focus+300 holy 9kkk/target Arendila in Aden
Saint spear +haste+150 holy 2kkk
Demon spliter +focus+150 fire + MW 2kkk

=== SETS ===
Moirai light set +15 (resists: 180 fire, earth, holy; 120 water, wind, dark) 6,5kkk
Moirai light set  +10 (resists: 180 water, earth, holy; 120 fire, wind, dark) 6,5kkk
Vesper light set +15 (resists: 180 fire, earth, dark; 120 water, wind, holy) 5,5kkk
Moirai heavy set +15 (resists: 3x60 dark, 60 holy, 12 water, 36 earth - Zaken/laba set Tongue) 3,5kkk
IC set +8 (resists: 60 fire, water, wind, dark, earth) 1,5kkk
MA robe set (resists: 120 dark, 120 holy) 1kkk
Draco leather set (resists: dunno, too lazy to log in Tongue, 240 for sure) 1kkk

=== JEWELS ===
Frintezza +5 7,5kkk/target Alcancia in Aden
Vorpal earring +3 350kk/target Alcancia in Aden
Vorpal ring +3 300kk/target Alcancia in Aden
Vorpal ring 280kkk/target Alcancia in Aden

Vesper earring 200kk
Moirai necklace 120kk
Moirai earring 100kk
Moirai ring 80kk

everything unsealed

=== MISC. ===
Shirt S+4+CP x3 800kk/target Apozis in Aden
Holy spirit cloak 100kk/target Apozis in AdenSOLD
Fenrirs, kookas 80-86 no name 500kk each
Belt A grade +5+21 slots 1kkk
Belt S grade SOLD
Bracelet S x4 300kk each/target Apozis in Aden
Life stones:
76 - 57
80 - 104
82 - 45
84 - 2
80 - 12
80 - 4
85 - 2
86 - 7
(life stones go in bulk - you buy all of them which is 233 or none) 1,5kkk
FS: enli wizard 500kk
wizard hat (head accessory) 1,8kkk/target Apozis in AdenSOLD
major arcana sigil 200kk
moirai sigil 250kk

Prices are negociables, if you'd like to buy something but for another price don't hesitate to write PM here/PM IG Arendila and make your own offer. In game use PM's and NOT email - chars are logged on tradebots.
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