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LF BD 78++ or Driver for our BD (who has no owner atm).

- Know game and chronicle mechanics
- Prime time: 19:00 - 00:00 GMT +1
- Discord
- Speak English / Spanish
- Even tho we speak English, get rdy for "SPAMISH"

Contact us:
Skype: [email protected]
Discord: Sung#3857
Ingame: "Sung "LLITUS

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The reward for streams has been issued until December 11 (to receive, you must re-enter for 3 minutes)

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-------11.12.2019 REWARD
Legas 1 часов 9 минут REWARD 50
BarminVan 8 часов 10 минут REWARD 400
toxotis 20 часов 50 минут REWARD 420
Weron 2 часов 21 минут REWARD 110
RagnarLothbrok 2 часов 3 минут REWARD 100
Tio 3 часов 52 минут REWARD 200
Gendolf 4 часов 22 минут REWARD 210
rus 3 часов 40 минут REWARD 175
Montrey 5 часов 21 минут REWARD 260
Wzzuppp 3 часов 40 минут REWARD 175
GucciCat 1 часов 59 минут REWARD 40
JOREPOHUI 3 часов 53 минут REWARD 190
Sitrol 2 часов 23 минут REWARD 110
YeL2oW 1 часов 15 минут REWARD 50
Yamy 1 часов 21 минут REWARD 60
Valkyria 0 часов 27 минут REWARD 25

 on: December 11, 2019, 07:11:37 PM 
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Polski klan / Internacional ArtOfWar  Klan lvl 7 ally Just4fun Recent Posts, lineage 2 arena, lineage titaniumRecent Posts, lineage 2 arena, lineage titanium

Rekrutuje cp lub solo graczy
Wymagana sprawna obsługa komunikatora Ts3
Kultura osobista
Pm in game Scorpiox  or mail

Oferujemy :

  • Wojny o forty , Miła atmosfera na ts , Jezyk na @PL/Eng.
  • Instancje - Zaken Tezza  Instancja Fortowa  itp..
  • Clan hall Aden.
  • Clan skills.

Ponad to klan skupuje CRP (akademia )-- pisać maile na Scorpiox -  reward

We are recruting english speaking members or CP. Contact Scorpiox. Cheers

Recent Posts, lineage 2 arena, lineage titanium

Pozdrawiam You

 on: December 11, 2019, 05:29:10 PM 
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-------10.12.2019 REWARD
Sitrol 3 часов 27 минут REWARD 70 видео недоступно
BarminVan 12 часов 1 минут REWARD 600
Weron 5 часов 22 минут REWARD 270
Valkyria 1 часов 27 минут REWARD 75
YeL2oW 5 часов 36 минут REWARD 275
toxotis 23 часов 50 минут REWARD 480
Tio 2 часов 28 минут REWARD 125
Gendolf 5 часов 4 минут REWARD 100
Montrey 3 часов 55 минут REWARD 80 видео недоступно
Legas 3 часов 38 минут REWARD 175

 on: December 11, 2019, 09:41:28 AM 
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Hello everyone,,
Cóż, co do cp jest to sprawa do przemyślenia ale to i tak dopiero po wyexpieniu się i przypomnieniu kilku rzeczy bo jednak niby grało się te 8 czy 9 lat ale po kilku latach przerwy to człowiek nie jest pewien czy wszystko pamięta.  Pvp bardzo lubię i zawsze jestem chętny, jednak ja ogólnie gram raczej for fun bez spiny, nie te lata a i czasu mniej niż kiedyś.

 on: December 11, 2019, 09:30:17 AM 
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I am not here to persuade you to like Psy and his music. In fact, I have been disappointed with some of his American tracks (i.e. Hangover). I'm just to give a little more depth to the character that is Psy: not just a fun-loving, chubby Korean with a yearning for dancing and soju, but a man with a keen love for music.

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In January 2001, Psy released his debut kpop/rap album Psy from the Psycho World!, for which he was fined by the government for highly suggestive and controversial lyrics. Keep in mind, South Korea is an extremely conservative country even today, and was even more so 16 years ago. To give you a bit of an idea of what Psy released in this album, one of his songs is entitled "I Love Sex".

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 on: December 10, 2019, 09:11:50 PM 
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found cp, need bd if any1 wanna play need to be 80+ and speak eng/esp PM sung/litus

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