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Author Topic: How to get endgame armor and weapons on High5 Freya - IN PROGRESS  (Read 9193 times)
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NOTICE TO MODERATORS: If this post is about to be edited by you anyhow, for example because it has links to forums of other servers' and this breaks the forum rules, please delete just the link and leave a notice which link was deleted in the post, so I don't loose the whole damn post. It will need a couple of weeks to be completed and that's like an essay which nobody wants to get lost. Some people really may not know yet the info that is written here and it's them whom is it written for.

I am setting it in this forum section, because hopefully I will get an answer and it will become the guide.
I see top clan characters already run in vesper noble armors. Where did they come from? In the exp parties I saw them do there were no spoilers. Neither are there castles yet taken (sieges didn't even begin). I saw them farm fortress tough.
There are recipes for Vesper stuff in the market in giran, there are keymats for vesper stuff and it's possible to gather tecipe+keys for most of the items. But where from the jewellery? And where from the normal materials, that are needed for craft? Those thousands of items? Where from?
Can anyone tell me?

I am getting there and learning the case. So I will type stuff in here as I learn it. I have tried finding this post through external search engines and failed, even though I used exactly same words that the title of this post has. However, I have found other posts, even in archive, so we will need some time to make this post be good. If you wanna join, type something good building the case. Here's my input:

Generally, High Five endgame is excruciatingly boring. It's not anymore the game, where you took you fancy toon which could do some nice stuff and found a place to fit in and had fun. Not anymore. Here the 95% of the whole time and effort has to be put into preparation of the toon, so it's able to repetitively do some basic stuff in a certain place while farming something specific. It's here, where the brilliant ideas of the NCsoft devs' managers went mental and messed up the game completely and instead of turning back they kept on dwelling into their mistakes. The enforced gameplay of such nature makes people go nuts and it makes people go crazy, turn vile against each other and further ruins the community, from which good players simply drop out. Not only the grinding is boring, but some people seek fun in harming each other. It's basically impossible to enjoy the game. And imagine there are CPs which members force each other to grind for hours each day something specific.
When you browse retail L2 forums, you can see a trend of active forum users putting into their signatures their classes and levels. The vast majority of them gave the last update when they were on the levels 70, below 80. Hardly any user has lvl 80+ written there. Why? Because they just had enough and quit the game. Can you imagine this all grinding on x1 rates where bots run free? NCsoft thought they found a cure, so they made players use the bot-grinded items to get to zones for active players, zones called instances. That's right. Why not effectively ban all the bot users? Because earlier than this the access to the game was paid and bot users paid subsciption fees. After it became free2play, bot users bought vitality items so their bots could quicklier get into better farming zones. Business is business and who cares about the fact, that players need fun to keep on playing the game? They didn't and that's what we got. Without the stuff grinded up you can't finish an instance, or you can go into ones that are barely rewarding. Grinding is incredibely easy if you simply have the right character, right party, right level and the right items for it. Here we will focus on what endgame items you can grind where and what is for that needed. Yeah, it looks boring and is boring. This is not about challenge and entertainment anymore.

I will add icons, screenshots and map pointers soon. I also am planning to indicate which teleports anyone can get and which require noblesse. The best idea is to have a summon by a summoner or Warcrier (alt+q+q cos party died already, lol those guys don't want to farm those stones).

Notice: monster drop-lists can lie and they do lie and please, don't put here information dragged straight from ingame lists. First, grind the mobs, then say what you got and how much. Thank you.

Some instances are limited for once-per-day access and some have a higher time limit. After you leave the instance, there still are a few minutes when the server runs that instance for your character and in this time you cannot enter any other. Type /instancezone into chat to get a system message telling you if you still are in any and what time limits (cooldowns) you currently have. Daily instances reset early in the morning of Eastern-Europe. After the cooldown for the specific instance is gone, yopu can go in again.

Use /partymatching to find proper instance lobbies. Eventually you will learn the same words in various languages mean the same thing and will know what is needed where and what to do where as what class. Please, type such information into this thread too. It will help newcomers a lot Smiley

Zaken is written ZAKEN similarly in cyrlic. SoI = Seed of Infinity = Twins = BLIZI.
BN = DV = Dragon Valley. DU or something like that = GC = Giants Cave. - one of the two main grind-areas.

DD150 = Damage Dealer with weapon elemental attribute being 150 or higher. DD300 = Elem. 300. Note, that if you have attribute, for which the mobs are strong against, you are in the wrong place or have the wrong attrib. weapon. You can check what mobs are strong against by scrolling down their titles and checking the attribute listed there. It's the one they use to deal damage and have a high defense attribute against.

Retail forum thread about farming attribute stones: quite compelling and you should go through it.
You can exchange attribute stones inbetween their elements in the Element Master in towns like Rune in ratio 1:1 which is why the antagonistic attribute stones have the same prices in the market (sometimes someone puts some stone for a lower price and you may get richer if you buy it and sell for proper). Stones drop, aren't spoiled.
Holy =/= dark , farmed in DV on Drakos.
Fire =/= water , farmed in GC upper 2nd and 3rd zone.
Wind =/= nature , DV leeches
Even better guide

Draconic bow has 2% chance drop from Laba 78 (Kamaloka Labirynth 78 through Captain in Rune Township) if the whole party (to be sure) is in the 3 level limit (76-80). You need fighter DDs and full support: buff cardi/eve eve bd sws. I haven't ever dropped it, however the final boss drops more stuff if the wole party is in 2 level range, so maybe I just wasn't lucky.

Imperial and Draconic gloves and boots (and cats, ok joke no cats but helmets) can drop from Laba 81. 3 lvl limit advised. I havent even seen a fulldrop of those aswell, but maybe that's where the IC and Draco items in market came from. Also I had some full drops in lvl 56 labas so maybe I just wasn't lucky here yet.

You can unseal armor pieces with Maestro Ishuma , a dwarf in Gludio Airship Field. He takes adena and you meet him by asking Gludio GK for the Flying Boat.

You can get sealed pieces of Dynasty armor for trading Green Leaves (plural leafs) which drop in Delusion Chamber instances. Also here you can level up Soul Crystals to lvls 11-14. Entrance access from lvl 80. Also in Delu chamber S weapons can drop (Icarus/Dyna) and a couple of them tends to go down on 1 instance an average (from what I was told).

You can spoil items required for Vesper/Moirai craft in Stakato Nest or FoG or DV (you must go in quite deep, even the deepest to get the best mobs for that). AoE spoil is the thing. The train-wrecker can be a mage party of A/S weapon and DC armor or Warlord/Spoiler with IC or even Dyna armor and S/S80 pole. You can also try AoE Drakos in DV but that's a farm of mats supporting the craft, not being the core of it.

You can spoil recipes for Vesper armory from Leeches in Dragon Valley (they are ridiculously hard to farm and a full party with a buffer and healer is needed to kill any number of them). Be perpared for PVP when you go there, as grinding grouped mobs after they re-spawn is so boring, even in a party, that at least 20% of the players there will either harass each other or other parties, just for the fun of it, as they have to stay there.

Vesper/Moirai armor and weapons can drop from Zaken 83, Frintezza and Ice Queen. I haven't yet been there on tis server, but I have farmed them on a server with similar files. Zaken 83 1-hits anyone who hasn't got armor with dark resist and he aims randomly - entrance from Zaken's Ship from Giran Harbor. Frintezza also 1-hits anyone without resist (tough idk which ele yet) - entrance from Imperial Tomb entrance hall. Ice Queen requires 2 parties to enter at once - entrance from Ice Queen's Castle instance entrance that is on the end of Frozen Labirynth.

Wesper weapon you can get by finishing the 7 raidbosses quest, which is all done in Dragon Valley and that's the one which needs Large Dragon bones.;wap2 nice guide about it

How to AoE as mage party: make a macro with skill Aura Flash and put it in the hotkey bar as this is your main DD nuke, whic is AoE around you. Use it when OL manages to root ALL THE MOBS OF THE TRAIN as otherwise you will get targetted and die and healer will go OOM (our of mana) before the train dies (good luck spamming heals and doing that 3 second long rez cast while the whole party goes down). This starts after a runner brings back the local mobs to the train-drop zone, where only OL should be before the mobs get root (so if OL dies healer has just 1 person to rez). This tactic works great in Stakato, FoG and DV. Runner must have speed exceeding 200 and cancel VoP/CoV/Prophecy buff before starting to run. Before the run, complete d/s (dance-song) round and re-d/s while train is being rekt. In DV mana herbs drop, which should keep the whole party's mana on 100%, but first the trian has to die and EE must know when and whom to recharge. Also, if herbs drop, only the person who needs mana picks up. PVP on x3 is so frequent in FoG and DV that parties lately ignore mobs and just run to fight hunt other parties. A secondary party, of archers would be a great winning-tool for such cases, but idk how the f can you exp an archer beyond 70th lvl, as bow/crossbow resist mobs are everywhere and the only ones who don't have it are ghastly boring to farm (like Dracos).

Externall links:

Many good guides,148.0/wap2.html,148.0/

Improving Vesper to Noble armor

Soul Crystal leveling - scroll down to see which bosses and what chances for which level and for whom a party or a party member
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>drink vodka, pay taxes, hate the common enemies;
>give your character/clan/ally names in English, never use English in chat, get mad when people use English in your chats;
>don't say 'wait, I need a while, let me think' but get angry, bite and insult;
>modify files of a game that enforces grinding to enforce even more grinding cos after all, people can entertain themselves with competing against each other
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