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So for background, I started getting into RPG's kinda later than many, not touching them until 2017 at age 28. I was dissuaded at first by d20 systems in the early 2000s that my friends were playing because I thought (still think) I have some sort of maths-disability.

Anyway, started off with Edge of the Empire, and the Beginner Box was the most fantastic introduction I couldve had to the hobby. Ran that game a few times and a small campaign off the back of it.

Since then I've been involved as a player in another EotE campaign (2 years now), a 5th edition campaign (18 months) and have been GMing Numenera (6 months) and Alien (a few one-shots).

Admittedly, as someone with mental illness (bipolar and anxiety disorder) who works a tough job (social worker), I can often be very drained and low in self-esteem when it comes to this hobby. I tend to internalise and beat myself up over bad sessions/groups, and have been majorly fucked over by being a doormat.
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