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Author Topic: Lineage 2 stories part 5. Giran, the market town.  (Read 3360 times)
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Lineage 2 stories part 5. Giran, the market town.

Lineage 2 stories part 5. Giran, the market town., lineage orfen, lineage 2 xp penalty

With Siouxsie fully recovered, our friends found them selves ready to continue their journey, 'tho they were in need of some resources and some good blackmithing work to fix their armors and weapons. After asking around in Dion Town, almost every person told them they would find the best smithing work and the best prices and offer for all they would need in a town not far called Giran Castle Town. This been said, their destiny was chosen and they left Dion town on their way to Giran.
When they arrive Giran, they saw something like they have never seen before, everyone in this town had something to seel, something to buy, or even some trying to trade items they were not in need anymore for some other items more usefull.

Lineage 2 stories part 5. Giran, the market town., lineage orfen, lineage 2 xp penalty

After some business and after purchasing everything they were missing, they headed to the town blacksmith, for they were told in there they would find the best smithing works ever. When they arrive to the blacksmith shop,

Lineage 2 stories part 5. Giran, the market town., lineage orfen, lineage 2 xp penalty

 Siouxsie asked to use the forge to make a new sword for her using the skills she earned from her father, while Sano imidiatelly fell in love with a piece of armor he saw on the wall, a lava glowing armor that would make even the richiest knights turn green with envy. Sano asked the blaksmith to try it out and as he takes the armor and puts it on himself, he felt the most confurtable he had ever felt inside of such heavy armor, his movements felt * as they never were before, even 'tho the armor was so strong and powerfull, it was soft and light as a feather, and he knew he couldnt leave that city without having that armor for him self. Sano asked the blacksmith how much would it cost to make a full set of that armor for him, and how long would it take mentioning that money wouldn't be a problem since he was still one of the hiers from the Order of the Fenix throne.
The blacksmith looked at Sano and with a desapointing look in his face told him he couldn't sell that armor to him, that armor have been made by his grand father long time ago and given to his father before him, and then given to him uppon his father's death, it was like a family item passing on the family's history which says that some day, one of the family members will be able to finish the full set and that will make of him the most rich and the moust famous blacksmith in the world because every knight would want to buy that armor.
         - Even 'tho i found the secret, the recipe and the skills to do such incredible set of armor, there's no way i can get the ingredients to make it, not now... not anymore... Said the sad dwarf.
Sano felt the sadness of the dwarf as if it was his own, since he really wanted that armor he decided to ask why couldn't he make it, afterall he knew how to do it, so why was it so hard to do and so rare.
And so the dorf shared the secret about that armor.
   - The orange glowing you see its the blood of the dragons it self taken from them while still alive. Before you could find dragons and wyrms almost everywhere around giran and they were easy to capture and you could get the blod from them, now they have gone wild and stronger, living together with some other creatures in dragon valley, they grew so strong that theres no way you can capture them or drain their blood without killing him, not the amount i need to make that armor, and even if you find the chance to do it, the other creatures would kill you while you try to capture the dragons.
Without even blinking Sano turns to the dorf and said:
        - Start warming up your forge master blacksmith... I'll get you the blood u need right away.
The dwarf couldn't believe on what he was listening, either for the fact that he didn't think someone could be insane enough to go and try to catch one of those dragons, or for the fact that if that person standing in front of him would actualy do it he would become the most famous blacksmith ever and finaly finish the profecy of his family. Still, he went to get eveything ready around his forge to craft the perfect armor set.
Since Siouxsie was still working on her new sword, Sano took Sora with him and both went in to check this place called dragon valley in search for a dragon. 'Tho Sora was still kinda worryed about it because even if they found the dragon she had no idea how Sano would manage to capture it, Sano was calm and quiet because on his mind, all the plan was already created.
Uppon arrival to dragon valley, they see one of the dragons the blacksmith talked about

Lineage 2 stories part 5. Giran, the market town., lineage orfen, lineage 2 xp penalty

and after some empowering skills from Sora, Sano went to take on the dragon.
As soon as he starts running into the dragon, this wild and strong creature agroed on him sith ranged magic skills, 'tho thanks to Sano's reflection skills mastery, the magic skills from the dragon had no effect at all on Sano at least for some time, time enough for him to get close from the dragon and then put his plan to action.
While the dragon was trying to cast one more skill on Sano, the Hell Knight slams his shield on the dragon with such powerfull strength enough to put the dragon in some kind of shock state,
Lineage 2 stories part 5. Giran, the market town., lineage orfen, lineage 2 xp penalty
 the creatures around try to attack Sano, but they found same luck the dragon did, as that powerfull shield attack drops them into shock state also, and so Sano was able to drain the dragons blood.

Lineage 2 stories part 5. Giran, the market town., lineage orfen, lineage 2 xp penalty

Returning to Giran Town and to the blacksmith shop, the Dwarf couldnt believe that was happening, he would finaly be able to fulfill the story of his family and finish that set.
The dwarf set hands to work and in less the one day he had the set ready for Sano.

Lineage 2 stories part 5. Giran, the market town., lineage orfen, lineage 2 xp penalty

As they were leaving the town to continue on their path, Sano happened to look to  a WANTED poster on the wall, it was about some Orc who was killing people and destorying vilages somewhere around Gludio. Looking at the picture on the poster he saw some familiar face... The orc who had run away from him in the Ant Nest.


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