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Author Topic: L2 Stories Part 2 - Meet Siouxsie, The Duelist.  (Read 5934 times)
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Lineage 2 Stories PART 2 - Meet Siouxsie, The Duelist.

L2 Stories Part 2 - Meet Siouxsie, The Duelist., l2 high five weapon list, lineage 2 eternal

As the young Hell Knight, Sano, Continued his journey, after so many hard fights on his way against dark evil creatures and groups of bandits, he found himself in need of some rest and a warm meal. As so he decided to stop in a small town near by to eat and recover his energy.
 That town was called by the locals by Gludin Township. A town famous across the seas thanks to its shipyard and mercantile potential, and for its arena which once hosted important tournaments and fights between great warriors, either for some reason like duels, bets, challenges, or simply just for fun.

L2 Stories Part 2 - Meet Siouxsie, The Duelist., l2 high five weapon list, lineage 2 eternal

 After arriving to the village, Sano searched for a place to eat and drink and where he could rest for a bit and a place where he could fix his armor from all the damage of his journey and restock his bag of potions and antidotes as well as other consumables which have proved themselves very useful on harder times. A town guard noticing Sano and not recognizing him as a town folk, understood he was not from around and so gave the young hell knight some directions, and told him all the places he could find everything he was needing. Sano followed the guards direction and rapidly found the blacksmith, place where he could leave his armor and weapons to be fixed and ready them to continue his path, right after he found the town Inn where he could eat and drink and finally rest for a bit.
During all the time Sano was in the Inn there was some Orc bragging about his fighting powers, screaming to all the world about how good of a warrior he was, how strong and powerful him and all his family was and challenging everyone around to face him on a fight, 'tho no one around seamed very interested in facing the bragging orc, either by fear of him, or by fear of the punishment in case they would win from him. This orc family had really bad reputation around, either by stealing, beating, killing or, the worst (according to town folks), taking them to work on the deep mines of the Forgotten Temple as slaves.
After so much bragging and screaming the Orc start to get a bit more aggressive almost as if he was trying to make people fight him, he started destroying the inn and pushing people around... Sano started to get annoyed by that damn orc, all he wanted was a hot meal and a drink before a good night of sleep, and when he was about to get up from his chair to shut up the bragging orc... Some voice coming from the a corner of the Inn said:
       - Enough of this... Stop all the mess, i will fight you... but i will do it in one condition. If i kill you, all your family should leave town forever, and every worker on the mines should be released to freedom.

 After saying this words the person steps forward from between the crowd... It was a girl, Siouxsie.
  L2 Stories Part 2 - Meet Siouxsie, The Duelist., l2 high five weapon list, lineage 2 eternal

A young girl which the family had been taken by the Orc's family by unknown reason and to unknown destiny, some people used to say they were all dead, some used to say that the old man , Siouxsie's father, still lives and works as a slave in the forgotten temple mines.
After the Orc realized the one challenging him was nothing else then a young girl, he laughed while screaming around:
        - Ahahah. You dare to challenge me you maggot? Wait a second, i know you... yeah i remember you, i remember how you cried like a little baby while your family was dragged and smacked around before i took them all to the mines AH AH AH! Well then i shall give you your deserved faith and kill you as slowly and painfully as it happened with your family.
        - I accept your challenge, we shall fight tomorrow at sun rise in the arena. AHAH.. about your conditions... you will never have a chance to see it happen because you will die on the fight. MUAHAHAHAHA!

Listening to this, Sano understood that girl was in huge trouble. Even if for some reason that girl would be an amazing warrior and would kill the Orc, his family would never let her go free with her life and even less with her conditions, and so he decided to stay close and keep the situation under eye.
Next day, Sano woke up earlier, went to the town's blacksmith, got his weapons and armor back, passed by the grocery store to restock his bag of potion and antidotes and rushed to the arena to see the fight.

L2 Stories Part 2 - Meet Siouxsie, The Duelist., l2 high five weapon list, lineage 2 eternal

The Orc and his family were already there, as noisy as always just messing up everything and everyone around, while there was still no sign of the young girl.
When the Orc starts loosing his patience and becoming even more aggressive towards everyone around he starts shouting:
       - Seams the maggot found her place under earth and decided to stay there hidden... well she shall pay for making me loosing my time...

And at same time he commands his men to go and bring him the girl... She arrives.
With an amazing steel armor made by her father once one of the best blacksmiths in the kingdom, with orange glow on it like fire itself was burning inside of the armor, carrying two swords that looked heavy for most of the man 'tho she could manage then with amazing ease and confidence like they were two pieces of paper.

L2 Stories Part 2 - Meet Siouxsie, The Duelist., l2 high five weapon list, lineage 2 eternal

And so the fight begun, the Orc rushes the young Siouxsie with insane strength, 'tho that impact would demolish almost everyone in that arena, the girl just parried it easy and quickly after charging her power she removes the Orcs huge weapon and with three quick strikes of her duals she destroys the Orc.
The Orc, once confident and bragging about all his power and how no one could defeat him, now runs scared trying to reach his men for aid but it was in vain. The girl had trained to hard and it was so used to those two swords, that she was able to control her power throw the duals making it possible to fire some kind of sonic physical energy that could slash her target even from far away.

L2 Stories Part 2 - Meet Siouxsie, The Duelist., l2 high five weapon list, lineage 2 eternal

As soon as the Orc got caught by those sonic slashes... it was the end.
Siouxsie now comes closer from the orc to give him the last slash and give him the destiny he deserved and by so, watch her town become free from that fear and slavery.
Before the final blow the Orc looked at the young girl and said:
         - Ahah, you fool, you really think that killing me will end it? someone will take my place after i die, and everything will be the same while my family lives, as for you, you will never see your family again, not even your dieing father working on the mines to make my family rich, because you will die here now. MEN! KILL HER AND EVERYONE WHO OPPOSE YOU!!
Siouxsie looks around and sees all the Orc's family running to her to kill her, steps back thinking about her faith and about the Orc's Last words about her father, and those words made her realize that her father was still alive... She readies her weapons, charges her power and decides to try her luck even knowing theres not much she can do against such number of enemies with such power as the one she had fought minutes before.
 After managing to defend herself from the first strikes, and even dropping one or two more orcs down, she just get overrun by all that power and the orcs start gaining advantage over the young girl.
Seeing all this happen, and knowing that in some point they would kill that girl, Sano, once again summons his panther to balance the numbers (a lot versus two its better then a lot versus one) and rapidly jumps into the arena in aid of the young girl. Thanks to the the dark magic usage and the fact that he completely mastered the art of damage reflection, for him defeating those orcs, which all they had was brute force, was not hard task.

L2 Stories Part 2 - Meet Siouxsie, The Duelist., l2 high five weapon list, lineage 2 eternal

After defeating all the orcs, Sano took the girls swords, and with them killed every single orc from the family. After doing so, he saved the weapons, got the girl, and left to a fire camp near by where he cleaned and close her wounds and gave some treatments using the knowledge he had.

L2 Stories Part 2 - Meet Siouxsie, The Duelist., l2 high five weapon list, lineage 2 eternal

 Not too long after Siouxsie wakes up, scared she looks around trying to understand where she was and who was that person sitting before her. Sano then explained her everything that happen and how he killed all the orcs, and while the girl was starting to drop a tear of relieve, Sano gave back her weapons while saying:
       - I know how the feeling for revenge feels like, so i made sure your weapons had the revenge you wanted, and they now carry the blood of those you wanted to get rid of.
       - I feel there's no place for you here now, this town will be peaceful, you are too good of a warrior to live in peace, join me in my journey, help me find what i need to make sense with my life and ill do the same for you.
After realizing that person saved her life, took care of her and gave her a piece of her revenge, and understanding how great of a warrior he must be to destroy all the orcs family by himself, Siouxsie almost had no way to say now, 'tho, she had something she needed to do before she lives town, she wanted to search the mines of the Forgotten Temple in search of her father or any signs left of him.

 Sano knew that someday he would have to show up next to his brother to fight against the dark forces of evil when the war comes, and wanted this girl to be part of his party, so he decided to join the girl and help her trying to find some signs of her father.

L2 Stories Part 2 - Meet Siouxsie, The Duelist., l2 high five weapon list, lineage 2 eternal

As they entered the Forgotten Temple they find it weirdly absent of people with only some creatures wandering around, no signs of Siouxsie's father or any other slaves which once worked the mine, deeper inside they found a book.

L2 Stories Part 2 - Meet Siouxsie, The Duelist., l2 high five weapon list, lineage 2 eternal

 This book used to belong to the orc controlling the slaves, after reading the book they found out the slaves had been moved to other mines under a place called execution grounds near some town called Dion.

Their destiny was set, they left gludin territory and traveled to Dion to find more about those slaves and Siouxsie's father.

Upon the exit of Forgotten Temple Sano asked Siouxsie more about her fighting style how she became so strong and about the fact she handles those swords so easy despising their weight. Siouxsie answers:
        - Since kid i watched my father making this swords, learned every trick about them and how to master them and every time i could i would run out hiding, to go and watch the fights and tournaments in the arena, so i started practicing everyday till the moment i started being the one fighting in those duels, winning all the duels was all that mattered to me, till the moment there was no one else to fight in town... i've won every duel against every challenger, and became a Duelist!
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