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Author Topic: L2 Stories Part 1 - The Hell Knight Rises.  (Read 5910 times)
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Lineage 2 Stories. PART 1 - The Hell Knight Rises.

L2 Stories Part 1 - The Hell Knight Rises., l2 high five skills list, lineage 2 ertheia map

Long time ago in the kingdoms of aden there was a distant holy land, ruled by the Order of the Fenix. This people were born from Priests and Monks who felt curious about the art of fighting, so they decided to evolve and practice themselves in the use of holy magic while they could also practice the use a sword. In other words, use holy magic to fight.
  The Order of the Fenix was ruled by a King, which took the rightful place on the throne upon death of his father and his father after his father and so on, and as so, the king had to get a men son to take is place on the throne after his death.
  This King had 2 sons. A older one, amazing in the art of the sword, and fierce warrior like no one in the order ever saw, a brave and great knight and a promise of becoming the greater king ever.
And the younger one, also quite good on the art of swordmanship but always forced to live in the shadow of his older brother... While their father the king would train the older son to be a good king, the younger son always had to stay alone and watching hopping that some day he would be noticed and his father would finally give the value he was waiting for. There was even a rumor that his older son was son of the queen while the younger one was son of some lesser woman and maybe thats why he was not as 'loved' as his older brother.
  Happens the rumor was true, the younger son was indeed son of a lesser woman, who turned out was a slave in the castle who was killed after being accused of witchcrafting.

As years start to pass and they start to grow older, the younger son started to feel some weird and strange feeling inside of him, like a wicked power moving and struggling to come out, it was his mother blood taking over... Not much later he realizes the dark arts of her mother's ancestors run also on his blood and he then understands with that kind of power he would be able to match his brother in a equal fight or even surpass him and become the greater son, and as so he decided to start practicing it day by day, hiding from the family, hiding from the whole Order of the Fenix, till the moment his father starts to realize something is not right. The king started to feel some kind of turbulence in the sacred land of the Order of Fenix, like something dark was to come.
  The powers of the youngling started to grow in a way it was getting hard to control and hide the sounds, the destruction left behind his practicing started to be too overwhelming for him to make it pass unseen and some day, in one of his practices he got caught by his father, the King.

'Tho the King knew what should have been done there, he know he should send his own son to die for same crime as his mother, the King couldn't do it. Happens after all he loved his young son more then he loved the older one. He knew the older son would be a better knight and a better king, he also knew that his younger son was a better person and for so he loved him more then anything and decided to keep his son dark passenger in secret.

Time passed, the King got old and eventually ended up dieing. His older son takes his rightful place in the throne and becomes now a Phoenix Knight. His younger brother, seeing it as unfair decides to face him and tells him they should fight for the place of King of the Order of the Fenix. The older brother, now King, knowing his younger brother would stand no chance against him in a fair fight, turns to him and say:
           - My dear foolish young brother, we both know a fight between us now wouldn't be a fair match, 'tho i know you have some powerful skills (the king told his secret on the dieing breath), i'm still too much stronger then you. But, you do deserve the chance of a fight for the throne, father believed in you as he believed in me and so do i, so i make you this challenge, you go now, you leave the kingdom and find your strength, practice everyday, get stronger, when you think you can defeat me, you can come for me and we shall fight for the throne, a fight that will leave only the true King standing on the arena.

The youngling then left the sacred land of the Order of the Fenix and went in search of power, he would fight everyone he would find, and practicing his sword skills everyday, as well as his magic, but soon enough he realized it wouldn't be enough to defeat his brother, a great warrior, knight and now king.
  with the time passing and with all the practicing, his sword and shield skills started to get stronger and stronger almost to the point of matching his older brother but he knew that to win his brother, being able to be equal with him wouldn't be enough, he had to be much more, and so he decided to focus his magic power.
  But in here there was something missing, either he was using too much power and was not able to control it making all the power just dissipate and go to waste leaving him close from death, or he was using too few power and was not able to attack or do anything with it. So the youngling decided to go and find the ancestors of his mother, witches and dark magic users, same dark magic that was now running throw him in a uncontrolled way, this search lead him to the School of Dark Arts.

L2 Stories Part 1 - The Hell Knight Rises., l2 high five skills list, lineage 2 ertheia map

After arriving to the School of Dark Arts the youngling felt some weird peace of spirit, like that was the place where he belong.

L2 Stories Part 1 - The Hell Knight Rises., l2 high five skills list, lineage 2 ertheia map

Same feeling came from the witches and mages who saw him there. The youngling was most welcome there by everyone but specially some one who saw something diferent on him, some hatred, seek for revenge... That someone was Mordred, The Dark Knight Mordred.

L2 Stories Part 1 - The Hell Knight Rises., l2 high five skills list, lineage 2 ertheia map

Years of training came after the moment they met, Mordred knew he could turn that young boy with so much power and so much hate inside of him into a strong and unmatched knight, a knight who would be as good and scary in the use of sword and shield, as at controlling summons, as with his dark magic spells.
  After much training and when Mordred started to feel like for the youngling, controlling dark magic was as easy as walking and his fighting skills were over the roof, he decided to put the youngling throw some tests, one of them would test him as a dark magic user and his witchcrafting skills, and others would test his capability of still being a noble knight and a trustful person like Knights were should  be. Test of Duty, Test of Trust and the Test of Witchcrafting.

The youngling completed all the tests like no one ever saw, he was fast and he had no trouble on solving any problem that showed up in his way. Mordred, after seeing how easy that was for the youngling, decided to put him throw one more test. This time a different kind of test, this test would make him have to be able to communicate with other creatures and persons, make friends and foes, and make him understand that he cannot live only for revenge, show him that there is something besides revenge.
  Once again the youngling surpassed everyone who even was submitted to that test and came back to Mordred as a complete knight of darkness and ready to face his future by himself without the help of the School of Dark Arts that so much Helped him in the past.

Mordred got pleased by the youngling's attitude and by how great of a knight he became, gave him the last advices and while walking him to the door, said:
           - You came to me as a boy who wanted to be a knight, and now you leave me as the knight other boys should wish to be. a Hell Knight.

The youngling, now a Hell Knight, rushed to the sacred land of the Order of the Fenix as fast as he could, with one wish only, kill his brother so he could get the throne.

Finally he arrived and a small army was waiting for him to lead him to the arena where the battle would happen, and there, in the arena, there was his older brother, the King, the best Phoenix Knight ever seen in the history of the Order, in his shinning armor, waiting...

L2 Stories Part 1 - The Hell Knight Rises., l2 high five skills list, lineage 2 ertheia map

  The youngling unsumoned his dark manned lion and summons his dark panther to help in on battle.
His brother shows a smile of happiness and content and says:
        -Finally ill have a most deserved opponent, i see you've grown as a man and as a warrior my young brother, so we shall finally have our battle.
           MEN! (he screams to his soldiers) What ever happens in this battleground you shall not interfere, and if it happens that i fall,  it was a pleasure to be your king, and you shall respect my brother as you did respected me!!!
         Now, enough of this talking... Shall we get started?

Right away the King Phoenix Knight rushed his younger brother and a clash begun, hours of fighting happen before the King realize that he wouldn't be able to take on his young brother with is sword only. the young Hell Knight have mastered the Art of Reflect and was hitting the King with every hit of the kings sword. As so the King decided he would need to use his holy magic learned from the Order of the Fenix for so long, but, the King never imagined that besides the fact his brother had become a better fighter then himself, his younger brother had also become better in the use of magic, dark magic.
  A soon as the King starts using magic skills, the young Hell Knight realizes that the match was over, for he was confident that his dark skills would be stronger then the holy ones that his brother possessed... And so it was. The youngling started using his magic to slow the movements and the reaction of his older brother, followed by curses which didn't allow the King to use any of his magic skills, right after the young Hell knight summoned dark roots coming from the floor holding the King in place...The King then realizes that his young brother finally became better then him and then drops his sword and shield and smiles, as the idea of dieing while fighting his most balanced battle ever pleased him, especially having that battle been against his young brother. The young Hell Knight understood the fight was over and this is the moment to finish everything and he steps forward, gets next to his brother, readies the weapon for the killing blow, and....
  Sudently the hatred inside disapears, all the feeling of revenge for his brother was not there anymore and he realized that is brother doesn't need to die, and he understood that all that pain, hatred and feeling of revenge was not against his brother, but against himself for not being able to be as good and strong as his brother. But now it was over, he proved he could be a better warrior and more powerful then his older brother the great Phoenix Knight and the King. And so the young Hell Knight, used one more spell to drain some more forces from the King and so recover himself a bit, and said to the king:
          - Get up my old brother, there's no point for you to die, i might be a better warrior but u are still a better king. The people in the Order still needs you.
The King surpised by his young brother decision ask him to stay in the kingdom and rule with him as Hand of the King, but the young Hell Knight had another ideas on his mind and while leaving  replyed:
           - There's no place for me in this city now, i must leave in search for what i really want and need. Darker days and dark enemies are coming brother, take what you saw against me, learn it, teach your man how to deal with it, so you will be ready when bigger wars will come. And do not fear, When those days arrive, ill be here, taking my place at your  side and ready to die for my king.

L2 Stories Part 1 - The Hell Knight Rises., l2 high five skills list, lineage 2 ertheia map
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