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Once upon a time

There  was a sweet little girl that liked to play Lineage 2  and she found herself playing on RPG Federation

After few days she met a guy from another country

They did everything togheter in game and they got to know each other quite well

She found out her friend's birthday it's comming up soon and she wanted to surprise him with a special gift.
She searched every village,asked all her friends

until a stranger told her about Octavia in Town of Dion

So off she went to Octavia,talked with her and asked if she could help her out.
She said she would help her but not for free,she wanted 50 Red Crystals

which she could get from hunting Roughtly Hewn Rock Golems

and off she went to face the mighty golems Smiley she found golems outside Dion walls and she hunted until she got 50 crystals and then she rushed back to Octavia.
Octavia was so pleased so see her so fast,she took the crystals and gave her the reward

She thanked to Octavia and off she went Smiley
She waited patiently.
After a few days the day had come,she waited for her dear friend to log ,after he logged she summoned him in his favourite place in game,she asked him to close his eyes until she gave him something.

When he opened his eyes and saw her special gift he realised that she remembered about his birthday and he was so pleased.
He summoned his new pet ,played  the Birthday Echo Crystal and danced with his dear friend

Happy Birthday Gazardiel!

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