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Author Topic: high 5 question (importent)  (Read 1907 times)
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« on: March 23, 2013, 08:09:08 PM »

i'm about to start playing on x7, however high 5 has many changes from garcia final. I wanted to ask how is the balance (I did not play lineage 2 for years), I know they add dash skills to everyone, even dwarfs, which I dont understand (why would you had gap closer to a hard stuner dmg class).

at any rate, my fav class was the soul hound, however now that steal divinity is a bit weaker, and just about anyone has a dash. it means that kamael female is much weaker then male. he has his def skills from levels 40, while females only have their teleport which now is useless, if everyone can get close. and what about Tricksters?, I know traps should be stronger now and more effective.

so is Kamael females still viable?, or does the male is the better choice because of that armor and mental resist boost from levels 40?.


incase anyone missed it, my main question was - how do you play with a female soul breaker if everyone have a dash skill?, I used to use Blink to stay at range, but now.., it just seems that it is better to take a male soul breaker because of the ud and mental boost.
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