Question: Regardless to video from B&S character creation decide, which attribute is most important when you re creating char.  (Voting closed: February 14, 2012, 06:54:33 PM)
Face - 2 (40%)
Boobs - 1 (20%)
Ass - 1 (20%)
Legs - 1 (20%)
Total Voters: 5

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Author Topic: Character creation - What's important, what's not important.  (Read 1226 times)
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I'am not satisfied that you can change and improve just shape of head, colour of hair/eyes/... another irrelevant things you can't even recognize ingame. Thats not about Lineage/B&S/Terra... its same.... just head. But what if I want to have bad ass or calves char? Why do you think they don't wanna let you choose/change that?
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