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Author Topic: New Year contest - 2015!  (Read 1651 times)
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« on: December 23, 2015, 08:34:46 PM »

Dear players!

It's time to announce our traditional New Year contest!

New Year contest - 2015!, lineage2 iphone 6, lineage salvation

This year you can participate and win prizes in the following categories:

1. Happy New Year, RPG!
A poem, wishing happy new year to RPG-Club and all of it's players.
Including RPG-Club "Russia" in your poem is more than welcome, as usual.

2. New Year card
In this category you should submit images/pictures created by you and dedicated to New Year, RPG-Club and Lineage 2.
The images can be created in any style or technique. However, collage, edited game screenshots or someone elses art won't be allowed to participate in the contest.

3. New Year toy
In this category you get the chance to create a handmade toy, dedicated to RPG-Club.
You can cut, glue, paste, sew a toy of your own making or decorate an already existing one - you can choose the technique yourselves - but you have to put "RPG-Club" somewhere on it!

Sent us a photo of your creation (or 2-3 photos of the process it went through, if it's not yet complete)

Rules of the event:
1. To participate in the event, you have to send your work to our email:
And in your e-mail, write the number of the category you are participating in plus your nickname (example: 1_smn)

What to send us?
- For category 1 - a poem, in one of the more popular formats (txt, doc, docx, rtf), or in the mail itself.
- For category 2 - an image in jpg/png format, attached to the mail.
- For category 3 - a photo in jpg format, attached to the mail.

2. You can mail us your entries until December 31, 2015.
3. There is no participation limit per user.
4. All event submissions will be posted on forum, when the winners are announced.
5. The list of received entries will be posted in this topic.
6. Your entry could be removed from the contest, if it's plagiarism or it doesn't fullfil the participation requirements that are listed above.

Results of the contest will be held from 1st to 7th of January, 2016.
Players will be rewarded with the following prizes:

- Hunting Helper Exchange Coupon or High Quality Hunting Helper Exchange Coupon
- Cake (Energy)
- Head accessory (of your choosing)
- Unique mount bracelet Horse-Rocking chair

New Year contest - 2015!, lineage2 iphone 6, lineage salvation

There is unlimited number of prizes!
In addition, as usual, all participants will receive prizes and gifts.
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