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Author Topic: BONUS-START - 3 days left!  (Read 4828 times)
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« on: April 28, 2015, 01:23:32 PM »

Motherland is your victory!

From 1 to 11 May 2015 on Motherland [x3] server will be a special event BONUS-START.
Create a new character and get fast growth pack for free!

BONUS-START will help new players to rapidly join the server life and enjoy the game along with the others.
The event will also appeal to those players who want to change their class or to level additional characters to reach their game purposes.

BONUS-START - 3 days left!, lineage2 d grade armor quest, lineage grand crusade

Fast growth pack includes:
- C to A grage equipment sets
- individual vitality items
- buffs
- HP and MP regeneration items
- Agathion with active Heal effect
- Soulshots and Spiritshots of all grades
- Jet Bike mount bracelet

Unused items will be removed from server after the end of the event.

Вuring the event period you will be able to buy special items  in the respective section of the ingame store.

Also from 1 to 11 May 2015 there will be BONUS-DONATE on all RPG-club servers.
You will get following bonuses for donations:

+10% for payments from 500 to 1000 RUR
+20% for payments from 1000 to 5000 RUR
+30% for payments over 5000 RUR
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