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Author Topic: Spoil is Life. Interview with a Spoiler  (Read 2273 times)
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« on: January 17, 2015, 02:20:44 AM »

Time to time, running in FOG in search of spot, i saw little dwarf with funny nickname UrMama.

Spoil is Life. Interview with a Spoiler, l2db, lineage 2 gve

Spoil is Life. Interview with a Spoiler, l2db, lineage 2 gve

And today I saw this nickname in party matching. Little spoiler was searching for the party.

Spoil is Life. Interview with a Spoiler, l2db, lineage 2 gve

"Well" - i thought to myself - She is not that busy now it seems. And i would like to know about spoilers life nowadays. Hard to find better time.
And i sent PM with offer to give me an interview.

* Hello! What's your name?

Hello, my name is Martha

* Why u named your character UrMama?
It's a funny story Smiley When i was just going to create character, i was in RC with my friends. We were talking, joking, laughing, all as usual. And someone started making mama jokes. So i got an idea to call my char UrMama and was trolling them in pms until they got it's me. And even now, when im going somewhere with them its always fun to hear something like: res UrMama, invite UrMama, where is UrMama etc. The only "UrMama died" is a bit awkward Tongue

* Is that your main character or box?
It's my main character.

* There is so many different professions in L2, why you choose spoiler?
First of all i like dwarfs. They are cute. Im talking about female dwarfs. And spoilers are good moneymakers what is very important.

* Are you playing solo or in CP?
Im in a clan with my friends, which are helping me and even logging when they need my services and im not there + Im a tenth's member of 1 CP, but they are not very active. So most of the time im playing solo and have to take care of myself. This is the only negative part of being spoiler, that you can't find CP as full member. I just can't feet any party setup. Probably later i will try to find another CP or maybe 2 with different prime time, anyway no one needs me for sieges or big events Smiley
* While leveling subs i've noticed, that spoilers are not that needed in any instances (kama/laba) which give nice exp. Was it hard for you to lvl?
It was really hard to find laba party, indeed. Max people would take 1 spoiler per party and time to time none. And there is a lot of spoilers, so there are no parties for every single spoiler. But it happened couple of times. Anyway i was ok with solo exping, because i was always spoiling something useful.

* Yes, there are a lot of spoilers on the server. Is it hard to find party now?
Yes, its still hard. Every day new spoilers appearing. And my biggest problem, when i was 74-75, people were opening room in party matching for 76+ in FOG and 80-82+ for DV. I could spoil there, my spoil was on max level, but i couldn't enter the room. So while i was sending PM, other high-lvl spoiler was just entering the room and being invited. Now im 78, so FOG problem solved, but DV is not. And FOG parties inviting spoilers not that often. They prefer to have second recharger.

* What are you doing when you cant find a party?
Or playing on the market or going for off-party spoil in FOG.

Spoil is Life. Interview with a Spoiler, l2db, lineage 2 gve

Spoil is Life. Interview with a Spoiler, l2db, lineage 2 gve

Spoil is Life. Interview with a Spoiler, l2db, lineage 2 gve

* But there is also huge competition on off-party spoil
Yes, there is. Sometimes there are 3 or even more spoilers sitting on the same spot and trying to spoil first. And some coming with buffers, rechargers and other stuff.

* How you are dealing with other spoilers?
Im not. I think its a waste of time. But if the spot is good and there is only 1 more spoiler, i can stay and try my luck.

* Whats the reaction of farming parties on your presence?
Mostly normal. They are not loosing anything. But some going retarded way "if we are not getting spoil - no one will" and pking all spoilers around.

* How much money you are usually making on off-party spoil?
Depend on time i spent there, on the spot. I cant tell exact number.

* Is there any other place to spoil from people except FOG?
There is DV. But usually spoiler being invited to the party. The only way of going there out of party - if full CP is going there and they don't have slot for the spoiler.

* Was you ever invited to spoil in DV out of party?
Yes, 2 times. But i have mixed feelings about it. Spoil is good, very good, especially on drakoses, when its just for me. But party cant see my hp, so im dieing too often.

* So if you are in party, you are getting exp, but few money. If you are out of party you are getting good money, but no exp or even loosing exp. Which way you prefer?
Hard question. I'd combine. Anyway im not in need of rushing my level. My priority is to make good gear Smiley

* And that's all, no more good places to spoil?
Well, for now those two, plus there is GC. When all spots in FOG taken and im bored of trading, i can go there to the small rooms and spoil some CL.

Spoil is Life. Interview with a Spoiler, l2db, lineage 2 gve

* You ever spoiled full items?
Not on this server. I was in places, where i can do it, only few times and got no luck. But its just a beginning Smiley Oh, sorry, i gtg, got DV Party .

*Okay, thanks for your time and good luck on spoil!
Thank you too, bye bye!

(All screenshots (except party matching) provided by UrMama)
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