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« on: January 15, 2015, 08:16:40 PM »

Couple of days ago i was leveling one of my boxes. I happen to come outside of Ivory Tower.

Blood Path , l2 naga drop, lineage 2 farm bot

Exp was going on, mobs were dying, i was targeting monsters, pressing F1 and starring around.

Blood Path , l2 naga drop, lineage 2 farm bot

Blood Path , l2 naga drop, lineage 2 farm bot

In 20 minutes of boredom, i saw PK guy running to kill the guy, farming on the spot next to me.

Blood Path , l2 naga drop, lineage 2 farm bot

My reporter instincts woke up and I, just in case hiding behind the tree, decided to talk to so brazenly violated calmness character.

Blood Path , l2 naga drop, lineage 2 farm bot

* Why you killed him?

Because i can Cheesy

* That's the only reason?

That's the main reason. Plus it's fun.

* What's funny in killing people. which can't fight for themself?

If they want they can. Im not higher lvl than them, i dont have buffs fron high-lvl buffer. So nothing is stopping them from fighting me.

* But why they are not trying to kill you?

Have no idea. Almost never people fight back. Most of times they are just standing and waiting for the death like rabbits in car's light.

* I believe a lot of people hate you for what you are doing

Yea Cheesy Before i waseven saving screenshots with their curses and insults.

* Can you share some of you favorites with me?

Haha, they wont feet forum format. Too trashy language.

* Are your victims bringing high-lvl chars to punish you?

Yea. And it makes it more fun. Seing how people wasting their time on logging chars. moving them to the other side of the world just to kll me and get some comon C or D items which worth nothing. And then leaving those chars on follow for protection. And if they are not, im killing them again.

* How people reacting on your presence?
Mostly running away. Some starting shouting "PK in *loc*" Weird that only few coming to fight.

Forgetting caution, I came out of hiding and sat down next to a big rock
A minute later, my opponent, apparently seeing where I was hiding, came and stood beside

Blood Path , l2 naga drop, lineage 2 farm bot

* Why you decided to start PKing people?

And why not? The game giving me that option, im using it. Some people like to... dunno... craft. And i like to PK and annoy people.

* How long you've being doing it?

Since day 1

* PKing people is the only thing you are doing in L2?

No, i have main high-lvl char. I have CP. But im leveling chars for CRP and after having fun with them.

* So you have a lot of PK chars?

7 full accounts and this one is 2nd char on 8th account. If i would have only 1 char, it would be #1 in PK ranking.

* So why don't u have only 1 char for that?

I don't care about *fame*, rankings etc. Im doing it for fun.

*All your PK chars has the same class?

No, i like it different. Plus when i need to lvl char faster, i prefer mystics.

* What class is your main character?


* Would you like to open us it's nickname?

Nooo Cheesy I don't want all those crybabies spamming my main's pm. Let it be a secret.

* Are you PKing with your main char?

I do if needed. But there im always cleaning PKs, bcos i have good stuff to drop.

* You are always going to PK ppl of your lvl or also going for lowbies?

I went for lowbies only like 5 times. And only when i couldnt find any1 on my lvl. Im always searching for fair fight and with lowbies its not fun.

* Which places you are usualy going to PK?

All locations 40+ Just open hunting grrounds list and check. I can be everywhere.

* How many people max you killed at the same time (parties i mean) or you are going only for solo players?

Im going for whoever i see. And max it was 5 people in party. By the way, server community should be glad there are players like me.

* Why is that?

Because im cleaning server from bots. Lot of them i killed and reported. So overall my actions are even good sometimes Cheesy

* What would you say for the people, which might meet you, as advice?

Fight me! Its always funnier than simple PK. And if you cant fight, you will die anyway.

* Thanks for your time

Thank you too. Going back to my fun.

I got up ready to die, but he ran away.

Blood Path , l2 naga drop, lineage 2 farm bot

* You are not gonna kill me?

Naah, im not touching people i like. Take care
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