Question: How many hundreds of soulshots are there in a Compressed Package?
1 - 1 (11.1%)
3 - 4 (44.4%)
6 - 4 (44.4%)
Total Voters: 8

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Author Topic: First Blood, Second episode  (Read 4076 times)
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First Blood, Second episode, lineage2 macro commands, lineage2 boards
I hit the horned beast from the back, my movement was quite quick and confident. Silly beast in response to this did not die, but only turned to me its great, blind head.
«Tenacious, bastard» - I was surprised and made hesitant step back.
Drawl screaming gremlin jumped in my direction. His massive paw with long sharp claws somehow passed my face, and the edge of a blade softly ripped his round belly.
I was just amazed how my hands, as if themselves, without requiring my participation, deftly wielded dagger, and how easily and carelessly my body moved. Already feeling myself an invincible God, I suddenly missed a kick of a clawed paw. Incredible pain shot through my left shoulder, a muddy veil fell on my eyes. And then my body completely automatically committed a series of blows to the accompaniment of the groaning gremlin. No sooner had the heart beat twice, it was all over: my opponent issued a shrill howl dying and heavily settled on the cold floor of the temple of Shilen.
The name of the Dark Goddess on my lips , I wiped the knife on the hip and suddenly felt an incredible surge of strength. My wounds miraculously disappeared. Only fresh blood on the clothing testified to the fact that these wounds were actually.
I was distracted from thinking about this wonderful fact by that very blue gem, which suddenly rolled out with a cheerful tinkle of my feet.
First Blood, Second episode, lineage2 macro commands, lineage2 boards First Blood, Second episode, lineage2 macro commands, lineage2 boards
- Fine, you did well – summed up the priestess sarcastically squinting and handed me a package. – This is your reward, as promised. Do not make such a surprised face, you're a disgrace to our people.
- What is it? – I looked up from the package, which turned out to be several hundred transparent capsules filled with something smoky. These things have surprised me, perhaps even more than the name of the Goddess emerging in my empty head and magical healing of wounds.
- These are soulshots – through laughter replied the dark elf. – They are used with weapons, making blows deadlier. Just do not spend them in vain, they are disposable.
- Go to the town of the dark elves, boy. – Addressed me an old man standing nearby, stroking his long pointed beard. – There you will find a mentor, he will teach you all you need and will answer many of your questions. Tell him that you came from Hierarch Mitraell.
- Thank you. – I answered with all the same unfamiliar voice. – And how I find a way there?
- Take it. – Oracle handed me a book and a folded card. – Just get out of the temple, there will be a straight road. And then map is still useful, your path will be very long. – Her face was no longer even a hint of fun, gaze was serious and piercing. – Live as if every day is your last. This is my main wish.

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