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Author Topic: Awakening, First episode  (Read 2733 times)
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« on: October 07, 2014, 02:22:18 PM »

I hear a noise outside, I distinguish the voices clearer and I feel cool.
All these feelings seem utterly unfamiliar, strange, bleak and annoying compared to perfect calmness, in which I have just stayed.
I feel like my eyebrows frown at the thought, the forehead winces in displeasure, and my lips curl. Every cell in my body wakes up, shaking, convulsing, sucking me into the vortex of increasingly strange feeling.
I feel my eyes open, I emerge from perfect and empty darkness. The world around is slowly taking shape, I discern the dark stone walls, high ceiling and a giant snake-like six-armed figure. Perfect being, taken prisoner, bound in chains, blind, squirming, great, imperious and at the same time completely helpless. Moment of weakness and despair, immortalized in stone under the arches of the ancient temple.
Awakening, First episode, lineage 2 4game, lineage 2 items Awakening, First episode, lineage 2 4game, lineage 2 items
- Hey ... - my consternation interrupted by a woman's voice. - Where do you come from?
My eyes immediately found the source of the voice. "What a beauty" - the thought flashed through my mind, and the hand has firmly gripped the handle of the dagger, which she handed to me. "Elf" - I suggested, looking at her blue-ashen skin, elongated ears, white as milk hair and languid glance from beneath lowered lashes. "Dark" - I summed up, weighing all the facts that struck me, and my head was spinning when I looked at my own hands.
- However, - she said - it does not matter.See these nasty gremlins?Some of them stole my blue gem. Give it to me, I will reward you.
- Fine, - said a completely unknown voice, belonging, however, to me. Putting a strand of black hair behind my long ear, I hastily went to my first dark matter.

To be continued ...

P.S. And what true facts you can bring about this statue? And about the one in whose honor it was created?
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