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Author Topic: Other lives, Fourth episode  (Read 72166 times)
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Other lives, Fourth episode

- What is your name? – asked my companion in a soft velvety voice .
- I do not remember...
I was embarrassed, surprised and confused. In the training room were young neophytes, beginners adherents of the cult of Shilen, young warriors. Besides the dark elves, flipping the pages of textbooks and listening to the advice of mentors, there were several humans, dwarves, orcs, one light elf and one-winged Kamael.
Other lives, Fourth episode, пвп сервер interlude, гайд по aion
- Indasi? – with doubt asked me archer. I looked at her cold gray eyes; tense silence hunging. She hesitantly peered into my face, obviously noticing similarities with someone of close friends.
But I knew her! These cunning eyes, white hair in a ponytail, sharp eyebrows and sly grin. Of course! Shai, little sister.
I just blinked and thread, tying me up with this girl, instantly broke. I did not feel her brother, and the names were erased from the memory. I definitely was someone else, though, the possibility to live this life captivatingly struggled in my soul. I regretfully shook my head. The elf smiled by corners of her lips, lowered her eyes and went back to her business.
- Valdtar, buddy!Is that you? – cried one of the humens. And I felt another alien memories and hand reflexively reached for the dagger. But I did not want to be unscrupulous killer, whose skin I just proved.
- No, that's not him. I distinctly remember faces of my debtors, – said the stocky dwarf, and I gasped with relief.
- Maybe you are Kevell? – rang the silvery voice of the light elf, and it took my breath away. So delicate, fragile, defenseless, graceful. I wanted to take her in my arms and shelter from the cruelty of this world. And even better - from my own cruelty.
Already stuck in new experience, I was subjected to another test.
Other lives, Fourth episode, пвп сервер interlude, гайд по aion Other lives, Fourth episode, пвп сервер interlude, гайд по aion
- Tris, - said someone's calm, soft but confident voice. In the center of the room stood another beautiful dark elf, she smiled at me, but her eyes were alert and waiting. – Tris, so you were always called by friends. You ... Do you remember me? – tt this moment, her eyes faded, and her shoulders slumped.
That I did not recognize her was a heavy blow, and I sincerely wanted to be that Tris. But another part of me rebelled again; like from the side, I watched this elf with Tetrarch already dragging me into a dark room, to shove me into someone's memories. Interesting, of course, what person they could revive in me. But I drove this daze, and it melted like a thin, transparent and vague dream.
Rejecting this game, I saw bitter tears in the eyes of the dark elf. She sharply turned away and left the room briskly. At this moment, I suddenly felt a warm hand on my arm - oracle sought my eyes. Only she noticed that there was something incredible and inexplicable.
- Tonnar,– boomed the confident voice Shilen's priestess. – Enough wandering through strange destinies. Come, pray to the Mother and accept your fate as a great gift. You can not run forever!
Other lives, Fourth episode, пвп сервер interlude, гайд по aion

To be continued ...

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