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Hi kids I present the third and probably last me guide you to the Class Sagittarius in Gracia Part II.
I accept your views diorthosetai me where I've made a mistake or forgot something.
Please do not go off topic with insults saying "what you say @% # D" etc. I know that I could.

The guide contains:

Erotiseis: Yellow color
Apantiseis: Normal color (white)

I know how to play well LineageII but I have never played with a Sagittarius ...
That attack;

The Sagittarius is Human archers and characterized for their isoropimena statistics and long-range shot echoun.Epitithontai with bows.
Here are the most useful moves.

Dash -> Increases your speed for a long time.
Accuracy -> Increases the accuracy of attack by consuming MP.
Battle Force -> Your power is transferred to a member of the group accept it sou.Ama damage this process ceases.
Vicious Stance -> Increases Crt.Dmg consuming MP.
Focus Skill Mastery -> Increases the percentage of traffic jam epitichias sou.Katanalonei MP for every moment that passes.
Rapid Shot -> Increases your attack speed. (Atck.Speed)
Counter Dash -> When someone is attacking you hope to increase your speed and the members of your team.
Counter Mind -> When someone is attacking you hope to cure certain percentage of your MP.
Snipe -> need to thoroughly increases the firing distance P.atck toCrt attack rate and accuracy of velous.Akinitopoieise both are in action this move.
Hawk Eye -> Meionontas the P.Def you increase the accuracy of the arrow.
Ultimate Evasion -> soar evasion (Evasion) and your Debuff resistance movements.
Soul of Sagittarius -> Increases your maximum MP.
Spirit of Sagittarius -> minus MP consumption for each move.
Blessing of Sagittarius -> minus anarosi the movement.
Quiver of Arrow Grade A -> Displays arrows 700 to 2800 A-Grade 1 crystal using A-Grade.
Quiver of Arrow Grade S -> Displays 900-3600 arrows S-Grade 1 crystal using S-Grade.
Pain of Sagittarius -> Thisiazontas a percentage of your life to heal your MP.
Lethal Shot -> A murderous dart doing great damage to antipalo.Elpides for killer blow.
Stun Shot -> One shot can stun the opponent.
Double Shot -> Two arrows fired in quick straight shot.
Hamstring Shot -> An arrow hits the opponent making him lose speed
Burst Shot -> An arrow with explosives that can strike multiple opponents.

What are the best places for Exp to be one or Mid rate High rate server?

[My personal view]
1-20 ---> Elven Ruins or outside Gludio
20-30 ---> Ruins of Agony Ruins of Despair or
30-45 ---> Death Pass, Cruma Tower
47-61 ---> Dragon valley cave
61-70 ---> Stay inside the cave if the server is played on High Rate wool Switch Wall of argos
70-80 ---> Ketra orc, Varka silenos, Hot springs
80-85 ---> Primeval Island, Monastery of Silence, Forge of gods, Imperial Tomb

* Always be careful because when your MP reaches 0, you can not throw darts!
* Do not varate monsters have Bow Resist! Dyskoleftite will kill them and get on the same Exp will pass through but the same level.
* Upon see that you can not antimetopisete monsters in the new area that you did go back to old and get 2 lv chan so you can kill the monsters of the new region after! Upon problem areas you do me a pm!

What is an appropriate outfit to wear;

Normally should wear Light armor but poles PvP servers epidemic we all can wear Buffs and Heavy to increase the P.atck

What is the appropriate Armor at 20lv?

Mithril Banded Mail [light] D-grade

In 40lv?

Theca Leather Armor [light] C-grade

In 52lv?

Leather Armor of Doom [light] B-grade
In 61lv?

Majestic Leather Armor [light] A-grade

In 76lv?

Draconic Leather Armor [light] S-Grade

In 80lv?

Dynasty Leather Armor [light] S80-Grade

So what is the best for me at my maximum level;

I'll suggest you put as Dynasty Leather Armor and what new or Dynaster Heavy Weapon Master

What gun to get and what lv?

20lv to get the Dark Elven Bow
40lv to get Crystallized Ice Bow with SA Quick Recovery
52lv to get the Bow of Peril by SA Quick Recovery
61lv to get Soul Bow with SA Quick Recovery
In 76lv get Dragonic Bow with SA Focus
80lv to get Icarus Spitter with SA Focus

What is the best jewelry (Jewels) to be wearing one Sagittarius?

20lv to get Elven Necklace, Elven Earring, Elven Ring [D-Grade]
In 40lv get Aquastone Necklace, Earring of Binding, Aquastone Ring [C-Grade]
In 52lv get Necklace of Black Ore, Earring of Black Ore, Ring of Black Ore [B-Grade]
61v to get Majestic Necklace, Majestic Earring, Majestic Ring [A-Grade]
In 76lv get Tateossian Necklace, Tateossian Earring, Tateossian Ring [S-Grade]
80lv to get Dynasty Necklace, Dynasty Earring, Dynasty Ring [S80-Grade]

Nice ... of these simple kosmimata.Apo the Epic [Raid Jewels] what I get;

Necklace of Valakas ->
Earring of Antharas ->
Zaken's Earring ->
Ring of Baium ->
Ring of Queen Ant ->

Okay all this dilemma but I'm ... what to put Dyes;

And can not put it as we are isoropimeno class, but if you want to put put them.
Dex4 + Con4-
Str4 + Con4-

Now I'm ready! But ... if I find someone who wants to kill me what to do;

[About PvP only High Rate-=-Mid Rate server with Full buffs and 2 players]

1) Sagittarius Vs Mages

Sorcerers are basically easy opponents because they fall easily (especially if I catch a lot Crt)
1a) Make stun and if you catch sas.Piasei best not catch Snipe and then click the varate mago.Kalytera for you to do the Snipe in a good location (for example, when you click the Dino in the middle of Nishi)
1b) Make Ultimate Evasion, varate and leave, and varate fefgete.Kalytera to do this when you put a wizard that can not go unfairly Ue

2) Sagittarius Vs Supporters

Supporters = Eva's Saint, etc. Can dichnoun easy opponents but not especially now in Gracia Part II have been and nukers with Transformation.
2a) You better stay away because they can make you strong like Debuffs Block Wind Walk.Kante of stun and if you do not catch Ultimate Evasion.Ystera know the process and leave varate etc.
2b) Make stun when catching good for you if you do not catch it then Snipe + Ultimate Evasion.Den suggest that much this way because you may eat couple of powerful Debuff.

3) Sagittarius Vs Daggers

Is an enemy that never should be ypotimas.Mporoun from one moment to another to eat 2.3 thousand damage.
3a) Do not make the mistake that most toxotes.MIN throw a dart and then leave it at Daggerades not work because what is faster than you, and that they leave your back open to make do Backstab.Loipon Snipe and then stun.Ama catch many pithanotites stun you can not simply nikisete.Ama dyskoleftite will take him a little.

4) Sagittarius Vs Tanks

It is about the most difficult enemies because apart from the long life and P.Def have great resistance to arrows through the Deflect Arrow.
4a) Have minimum pithanotites to catch the big reason Stun CON.Giafto do Hamstring Shot Speed ​​to drop with the result that you can start making ftasei.Tote Lethal Shot and if you catch after ram normally arrows until pesei.To is good that will not cause you much damage.

5) Sagittarius Vs Archers

Here antimetopizete the same species esas.Edo beats the best and he will chrisimopoieisei what the skill correctly.
5a) Do stun shot if I catch good for you if you do not catch it does not matter with Hamstring Shot continue to fall and the Speed ​​can not we do our piasei.Tote Ue and varame and running.
5b) Do stun shot if I catch good for you if you do not catch never mind continue with Snipe and then do Ue

* Always before starting to PvP to have open the following skills:
Vicious Stance
Focus Skill Mastery (when it should consume much MP)
Spirit of Sagittarius
Blessing of Sagittarius
Rapid Shot
Here ends my guide and last, probably because I'm tired: P
Yes I know it has been done before but Sagittarius Guide This guide contains the skills of Gracia.

Sagi, lineage2 interlude servers, lineage ru
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