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General information about the Buffs
[/ B] [/ u]
These are some buff spell, which are made by others (each and yourself) that you upload to your stats
In many SERVER TAKING a certain npc that can give your all or a large percentage

Normally, the buffs you get from the other class. This helps to role play their specific class
But the server with these npcbuffer not polychreiazontai

To find what is for you, you should look here or discover yourself through the Description
If you're a magician, you must upload Cast spd Matk Pdef Mdef Speed ​​ka
If you're a fighter must Crit rate / crit damage (IS OTHERWISE) att spd patk evasion speed pdef mdef roundtrips
Of course there are other trick, which was analyzed at each class guide
Attention to limit the buff as some server, have put small that when the EXCEED to leave!

General information about the dyes!
STR Increases a-beep-t of physical damage.

Increases att speed, physical skill speed, crit rate, evasion, accuracy, as well as running the chance of making the skill damage of daggeradwn

Increases the maximum HP (as well as how quickly filled), and resistance to stun

Increases the M.Atk and the likelihood of success of the debuff (you do)

It increases the possibility for Magic critical, the cast spd, resistance to HOLD / Curses, increases reuse of skill and reduces heal

MEN Increases magic defense, maximum MP, MP recovery speed, poison resistance, and curse resistance. Decreases probability of magic interruption.
Increases Mdef, to max MP (as well as how quickly filled), as well as resistance to poision / debuff
Reduces the chance of a skill you interrupted

Here's a guide for dyes for all class

Archmage - WIT + / MEN-, INT + / MEN-, CON + / STR-
Soultaker - WIT + / MEN-, INT + / MEN-, CON + / STR-
Arcana Lord - WIT + / MEN-, INT + / MEN-, CON + / STR-
Cardinal - WIT + / MEN-, CON + / STR-
Hierophant - WIT + / MEN-, CON + / STR-
Dreadnought-STR + / CON-, CON + / DEX-
Duelist - STR + / CON-, CON + / DEX-
Phoenix Knight - STR + / DEX-, CON + / DEX-
Hell Knight - STR + / DEX-, CON + / DEX-
Adventurer - WIT +4 / INT-4
Saggitarius - STR + / Con -

Mystic Muse - WIT + / MEN-, INT + / MEN-, CON + / STR-
Elemental Master - WIT + / MEN-, INT + / MEN-
Eva's Saint - WIT + / MEN-, CON + / STR-
Eva's Temple - STR + / DEX-, CON + / DEX-
Sword Muse - STR + / DEX-, CON + / DEX-
Wind Rider - WIT +4 / INT-4
Moonlight Sentinel - STR + / Con -

Dark Elf
Storm Screamer - WIT + / MEN-, INT + / MEN-, CON + / STR-
Spectral Master-WIT + / MEN-, INT + / MEN-
Shilien Saint - WIT + / MEN-, CON + / STR-
Shilien Templar - STR + / DEX-, CON + / DEX-
Spectral Dancer - STR + CON-/DEX + / CON-
Ghost Hunter - WIT +4 / INT-4
Ghost Sentinel - STR + / CON-, DEX + / CON-

Titan - STR + / CON-, CON + / DEX-
Grand Khauatari - STR + / CON-, CON + / DEX-
Dominator - WIT + / MEN-, CON + / STR-
Doomcryer - WIT + / MEN-, CON + / STR-

Trickster - DEX + / CON-, STR + / CON-
Doombringer-STR + / CON-, CON + / DEX-
Soul Hound-DEX + / CON-, STR + / CON-

Pliforofies for Siege!
The Siege valuable event held every 2 weeks
It 'polemos'gia getting ara dominance of a castle and a region a clan
This will help to take away some valuable materials + adena!

The procedure is as follows:
The Clan Leader must declare at least one day before he wants to make attack the castle (one of 9)
When the time comes, we must break the front door (with simply hit / spell) or side wall with a GOLEM (see Maesto class)
Once you enter inside, you have to beat defenders and o clan leader to do pray in the center of the castle (which lasts 4 minutes)
If after the end of the 2 hour began, you still have you, it is yours for 2 more weeks!

About Raid Boss!
The Raid boss is a very important part of the game
Basically it is very loud mob which are needed at least 10 people in most cases, and when he died listeners something very precious that you can not obtain through other ways

Mind that there will be other clan / person trying to gain control of raid boss to eat and get the drops!

There are many kinds
There raid boss for the quest (as sub-class nobless)
There raidboss for the Clan reputation points (like that forbidden gateaway)
And raidboss for large item

The latter, is very strong, and give significant value item, such as the

Queen Ant, Baium, Zaken, antharas, Valakas, Frintezza

Is one of the main purposes of a clan

Certification skills:
The certification skills are some skills that we learn from a few subclass
These, with a certain success rate "Open" (displays a buff) that gives a very good stat

For more information click here

The Lineage, as an Official, had not been and will not GMSHOP
So, uniforms / weapons / earrings should be craftareis (well Soulshot)
Craft (large level, because to do all elixir roundtrips) only make Gnome, namely Maestro
To make craft, must find a nano in CRAFT MODE, and to have similar material to make what you want
If you are a Maestro, you can use the recipe to do shop craft!

The armor / weapon you can have 60% / 100% rate, so there is the possibility to craft fail!

Many find it difficult items in small quantities (especially mats-material) for craft etc
AMA thou FORTUNE SEEKER (ie Gnome Smiley) You may remove item easier, except for the drop
simply spoil one's depending on level mob and if it succeeds when he died this takes extra things from them!
the MANOR SYSTEM is something similar ..

In the game Lineage2, and in most MMORPG, you can do + different part of your inventory (difference ITEM, as weapon / armor roundtrips)
Making enchant (ie +1 +2 roundtrips) each object + + that Arius will becoming more statistics
In normal server, safe (ie not break) is the +3 and then there is 66% chance of being +, but many are completely different custom
(Depending on the features)
Enchant normally get from drop roundtrips, but many exist in gmshop SERVER
Be careful, because even the 90% chance there is a chance to break (make the crystals weapon) and cry later!

There is also a blessed enchant, where the weapon is done instead of crystals +0

Note: Must enchant what we do to match the grade + type of scroll (px a Dragonic armor, wants Enchant S ARMOR)

SA system:
SA system = aka Special Ability
That, in a nutshell is a special ability that gives the weapon, to be even stronger
in each weapon has from 3 (usually) normally tucked through the soul crystal (although 90% of server is already the weapons with SA ..)
but if it is not already, we must have the soul crystal, we go to be one blacksmith and Ancient adena IS SA

Soul crystal must upload level.Prepei to get the quest from the giran + maximillian of a soul crystal level 10 (from the shop in giran) and then raised him through the level raid boss (press the crystal over the raid boss and when he died self made)

C grade weapon = level 7-8 crystal (the WELL WANT 8 C, but most 7)
B grade weapon = level 9-10 (WANT THE GOOD B 10 (as wizards tear) but conventional WANT 9 (vahalla)
A grade weapon = level 11-12
S grade weapon = level 13
Dynasty = 14
Icarus = 15
Vesper = 16
Freya = I have not played, I suppose 17: D

An essential part of all the MMORPG
The quest is a test where you have to go to various NPC and be told what to do, and let's have
There are simply quest, ones that give you items as reward
The class quest, where as a reward give you ... NEW class Smiley
And the raid boss quests, where you allow to enter into various raid boss!
A good site that will help them is the
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