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ou do not have when you pexei L2;
You all look hard?
I hope TOUTO topic to help! WHAT L2;
L2 is an Online game, known as MMORPG
Where, play an important role as cooperation, intelligence and free time (unfortunately yes)

How can I play L2; should pay?
the Lineage 2 game is not free
To play the game Official must pay
But for this there are private servers, if it has to give the money!

First you need to find a suitable server
oi server pexete will not be perfect, nor will you with the experience of the official game

    There are 3 types SERVER

Low Rate (x1-x20)-where will you level up at a much slower pace, and will earn hardest item
Mid rate (x20-x50)-Where climb steps, and the item come out more easily than the low rate
High rate (x50-x10000)-their purpose is only pvp (player vs player)

Next criterion is the Chronicle (ie the version of the game)
the L2 has several versions, as it evolves
In Official server there is always the latter, but in private many times not
The most popular versions are the

    Gracia Epilogue

who have several differences between them, but the basics are the same (the GE / Freya is an evolution of Interlude)

There are certainly too many private server
To choose, you will have to visit some specific site, where you advertise to choose
As and other Private Server Section of MaxCheaters

You'll see some other bizarre as L2Off and L2J
Oi OFF are files older version of Official, which have little in the bus
These are files L2J MADE from other people, but the results are the same with L2Off, but have many more bugs / exploits (o why there a maxcheaters) but have the potential to get even better

A small topic to choose server, here

From where you can download the client; how to connect?
depending the client can either download from here All clients entering the name in Google

Second, you should put the analog SYSTEM / Patch the server
This is given to you on the website of each server, in COnnect / how to connect / download
Download files, then replace with existing already
And see what may help!

After running the game from lineage2/system/l2.exe

Sleeping logged on, what do I do next?
Meta, have to build character
CHOOSE RACE (advise them what

What is needed next?
Then, when you have to loggarei toy, monsters killed some time to get level (about how easy climbs we have said above, depending on the rates)
killing monsters, you also Adena that you'll need to buy items
I tried to navigate to the respective nearby town, where you will obtain the necessary (as Soulshot)

At the 20 level will do the first quest (if there kitten class transfer easier) where you specify what class you will become and what will gain skill
It is important not to make a mistake

If you go 20 level, will go to another city, where they can more easily xpareis
About where to go advised the various guides for class that has the MaxCheaters

Psofao from the terata.Ti may have made wrong?
Always have with you:

    Armor (to the time)
    Weapon + Soulsot / bless spiritshot (fighter-mages respectively)
    I went to a bigger level mobs (?)

What is the purpose of the game:
For starters, you have to go the more level BECOME
The aim of the game is the battles against other players, so we must be strong in order to not die easily

Must obtain appropriate items (gear) so you're even louder! (Depending on your class)

Then, you will enter into a Clan where you all play together to achieve even better item to make better in pvp (the clan is necessary as the L2 is a group game)

More generally for the game

XP system
In lineage 2 you level up by killing mobs (monsters)
I can understand these forces, seeing the color (or having a specific patch level with them ..)

Red: 9 level LARGER THAN YOU
Light red: 6-8level largest
Yellow :3-5 level largest
White: It's 2 level lesser or greater (odds)
Green :2-5 level lesser
Light blue :6-8 level lesser
Dark Blue: 9 or more smaller

Also, I see him resist the mob (see here

So you level up and learn new skills and more wear grade armor!

We can not wear that grade theloume.Yparchoun some specific limits
as the 1-19 level CAN no grade
20-39 D
40-51 C
52-60 B
61-75 A
76-79 S
80-83 dynasty / icarus / Morai
84 + vesper / vorpal / elegia

depending diapers and SOULSHOT
natural and if you can wear 84 D px, not the other way however
soulshot exist as S, So that this theory S grade
Basic stats of char


Specifics of the tribe of the Human:
Although human not have any particular advantages can be better class along the way (with 2-3 quest)

Featured: The Human is very issoropoimenoi all the features the

Elf (name Finito songer; O)

Special features of the tribe of Elf
Compared to other class, can hold their breath perrisotero and jump from higher ground
Specs: The elf have great att spd MS and cast spd.Episis have greater accuracy and evasion.Alla their power (Patt Matt) is smaller than the other race

Dark Elf

Special Features: Similarly to the elf, can hold their breath more
Specs: because they have high STR and INT, respectively Matt and Patk is high


Special Features: Has a high resistance to debuffs, such as poison
Features: ORC have great physical strength, with high HP + MP
But without much speed / attspd / cast spd / accuracy / evasion


Special Features: The Inventory their country more than other class, the same and the WH
Also, may harbor more things together
Specifications: We can make craft


Differs from all other race
will encounter in client after the Interlude
DIFFERENT, male n female


The player who has the most points in class in the Grand Olympiad, can become hero
Mono Those nobles can enter

When someone becomes hero, can get special weapons, skills and a special aura

Hero chat:
Oi Hero can speak in a special chat (%)
All players can see it (it has a blue color)

Hero Skills.

Heroic Miracle - grows P.Def. M.Def., And resistance to debuff. Chreiazetai40 Soul Ores.

Heroic Berserker - For 2 minutes grow Accuracy, P. Atk., M. Atk., Atk. Spd., Casting Spd., Speed, resistance to buff canceling attacks and debuff attacks Reduces P. Def., M. Def., And Evasion while it lasts. Chreiazetai40 Soul Ores.

Heroic Valor - For 2 minutes increases the P. Atk., P.Def., And resistance to cancel buffs. Consumes 80 Spirit Ores.

Heroic Grandeur - Reduces' P. Def., M. Def., Evasion, and Shield defense probability of opponents who are nearby, as increases the probability to catch debuffs + physical + magical silence.Chreiazetai 80 Spirit Ores.

Heroic Dread - Makes fear in those who are near tou.Chreiazetai 80 Spirit Ores.

General information about the Grand Olympiad:

H grand Olympiad is a competition 1v1 who gets to decide who will be hero
On a monthly basis and at the end of the month who have the most points in the class are done hero
Also, they must have at least 10 games and 1 win in these
Only those nobles +3 q can join

Restrictions on the Olympiad:
You must be in main class
If thou at any party when it enters nobody will leave
Has 0 points if he can not enter
Not allowed but item except soulsot spiritshot Echo Crystals, energy stones, and firecrackers

Olympiad Points:
At the start of each new period (every month) 18 points are awarded to those nobles, and 3 points extra each month
The points of the winner HAMENOU transported
If at the end of the period, a character has more than 50 points, you can exchange it for the Nobless Gate Pass
1 point = 1000 nobless gate pass
With nobles gate pass may purchase the following item
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade S): 420,000 Noblesse Gate Passes
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade A): 195,000 Noblesse Gate Passes
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade B): 84,000 Noblesse Gate Passes
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade S): 63,000 Noblesse Gate Passes
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade A): 23,400 Noblesse Gate Passes
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade B): 9,000 Noblesse Gate Passes

Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade S): 70,000 Noblesse Gate Passes
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade A): 23,400 Noblesse Gate Passes
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade B): 6,000 Noblesse Gate Passes
Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade S): 7,000 Noblesse Gate Passes
Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade A): 3,120 Noblesse Gate Passes
Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade B): 960 Noblesse Gate Passes

Secret Book of Giants: 5,500 Noblesse Gate Passes
Ancient Book - Divine Inspiration (Original Version): 450,000 Noblesse Gate Passes

A clan consists of one clan leader and a number of clan members
The new clan can have a 8 members
As you ascend the clan level, can have up to 140 members

Leaving clan:
Any member may be removed from the clan whenever you want, but it will take 1 day penalty

If one leader wants to kick one State must then wait 1 day for you to redo invite
Change the leader of the clan:
A clan leader can give rights to another member, in any single high priest, pressing the appropriate option

Dissolution of a clan
Enas clan leader may dissolve a clan, without the synenaisi of paiton
Need a week for this
Becomes a high priest by pressing the appropriate option
The clan can not be dissolved (dissolve) if you are in war with another
When the leader makes dissolve the clan reduces the xp to OSO will lose if psofouse once, and can not remake clan for 10 days

Clan Levels:
For Clan lvl 1 NEEDED: 30,000 SP, 650,000 Adena, 1 member or more.
For Clan lvl 2 NEEDED: 150,000 SP, 2,500,000 Adena, 1 member or more
For Clan lvl 3 NEEDED: 500,000 SP, Blood Mark, 1 member or more to Clan lvl 4 NEEDED: 1,400,000 SP, Alliance of Manifesto, 1 member or more.
For Clan lvl 5 NEEDED: 3,500,000 SP, Seal of Aspiration, 1 member or more to Clan lvl 6 NEEDED: 10,000 Reputation score, 30 members or more
For Clan lvl 7 NEEDED: 20,000 Reputation score, 80 members or more
For Clan lvl 8 NEEDED: 40,000 Reputation score, 120 members or more
The Clan leader can increase the capacity of the clan by creating sub-clan called Royal Guards and Order of knights
Royal Guards:
When a clan become level 6, can create a Royal Guard
Molis done, you can place a leader in this, who will furthermore clan skills + rank
Can be created up to 2 royal guards, while the max people is one that fits 20
Order of knights:
When a clan reaches level 7, can be made by Order of knights
As with the royal guards, assigned a leader, who has better rank + clan buffs (certainly not what the Leader of the Royal guard)
2 can be made for each Royal guard who Thus there to 4

Clan Academy:

To Academy system makes easier the lives of young players
The clan that is level 5 and above can make a
Any character below the 39 level can get into an academy, where they will remain until it the second class transfer quest
When this is done, is done automatically dismiss (without penalty) and given 400 rep points to clan


How to make a alliance:
When the clan is level 5 or above, the clan leader can go to a HIGH PRIEST and create an alliance

If a clan already belong to an alliance, you can not create a new one or get into another

During a siege, the clan trying to get it can not make alliance with the clan that tries to keep

The clan war who have between them can not make alliance

The alliance may consist of 3 clan

Privileges of Alliance leader:

O Leader has the right to put or remove clan which wants the alliance, and to dissolve it (taking a penalty 10 day to make new)
If he does kick a clan, can not invite a new for 24 hours

Leaving an alliance:
A clan that came out of the alliance can not get elsewhere for 24 hours

Alliance crest:
o Leader of alliance can put crest pressing / allycrest
should be 8-12 in 256 colors and. BMP

/ Allyinvite - H command to become a new clan invite to alliance

/ Allyleave - H command to get a clan from the alliance

/ Allydismiss - H command to become a kick from the clan alliance

/ Allydissolve - H command to dissolve the alliance

/ Allyinfo - Information for alliance

Where to xparete! [/ U]
1-10 out of there that came
10-19 after taking soulsot + buff (newbies) + may armor / weapon, pate Elven Ruins
20-30 Once you have done the quest Ant Nest recommended outside
30-40 hardins private academy
40-55 Cemetary / Forbidden
55-68 Recommended Valley of saints, very well drop! + Xp
68-73 Silent valley.Trelo xp.Ego xparw there as the 78
Post or sat there we go or HS / Varka for our class of 3q
At 78 + we go hellbound island
Then, you can go in different instances!
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