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The immense love I have for the other members of the forum, made me fix this for Archmage Guide to learn how to play.
So a few words about the Archmage based on my experience:
The Archmage is not the best mage of game.Echei M.Atk and Casting modest but well enough for skills.Pantos which starts first time L2, the Archmage is a must because it is very simple with little char and good skills.
(To Guide refers exclusively Interlude Client)

[Size = 13pt] [color = orange] Skills: [/ u] [/ u] [/ b] [/ color] [/ size]
(The power of skills is in the Top level)

[IMG] [/ img] [color = orange] Surrender To Fire: [/ color] what Risistance Reduces the opponents in Fire Attacks (as Prominence)
[IMG] [/ img] [color = orange] Prominence: [/ color] The basic offensive Skill of Archmage. Power 108
[IMG] [/ img] [color = orange] Aura Flare: [/ color] is a Skill, not large but it has great power Casting Speed. Power 87
[IMG] [/ img] [color = orange] Fire Vortex: [/ color] Is the Vortex with the Archmage Fire Element. It's quite powerful and simultaneously reduces Atk.Speed, Cast. Speed, the "Resistance" in Fire Attacks, and while it is active as a debuff, eats constantly MP opponents. Power 140.
[IMG] [/ img] [color = orange] Sleep: [/ color] Please, do sleep in immobilizing the opponent to eat Damage.
[Img] [/ img] [color = orange] Sleeping Cloud: [/ color] does the same with slep is simply "Mass"
[IMG] [/ img] [color = orange] Decay: [/ color] works like the Poison bleed, only much stronger, and become fast and Cast
[IMG] [/ img] [color = orange] Slow: [/ color] what reduces the speed OPPONENT
Turns out a number of random buffs from the enemy
[Img] [/ img] [color = orange] Blazing Skin: [/ color] It's a Buffs duration 20 mins, which makes a proportion of Reflect Damage you eat. DO NOT REFLECT SKILLS!

[Size = 13pt] [color = orange] Weapoms & Armors: [/ u] [/ b] [/ color] [/ size]
O Archmage since it is mage class, always use Robe Armor. The BELOW Armors / Weapons / Jewels are simply suggested, and not symainei that is easy to obtain them.

[Color = limegreen] No Grade, D Grade (lvl 1-39) [/ u] [/ color]
[Img] [/ img] Voodoo Doll ( only for lvl 1-19 [/ i])
[Img] [/ img] Staff of Life (only for lvl 20-39)
Diamond Necklace, Coral Earring, Blue Coral Ring ( only for lvl 1-19 [/ i])
Elven Jewels Set ( only for lvl 20-39 [/ i])

[Color = limegreen] C Grade (lvl 40-51) [/ u] [/ color]
[Img] [/ img] Homunkulu's Sword SA: Acumen
Jewels Set

[Color = limegreen] B Grade (lvl 52-60) [/ u] [/ color]
[Img] [/ img] Wizards Tear SA: Acumen
Robe Set
Ore Jewels Set

[Color = limegreen] A Grade (lvl 61-75) [/ u] [/ color]
[Img] [/ img] Sword of Miracles SA: Acumen
Crystal Robe Set
Majestic Jewels Set

[Color = limegreen] S Grade (76-80) [/ u] [/ color]
Here at S Grade, clearly there is antoistichi S Grade Robe (Major Arcana), however no Casting Speed ​​gives something missing from the Archmage.Vaivea the Major Arcana anaivazei M.Atk, -50% to EAT ANY Interupt your skill, Stun gives Resist +50% and clearly above P.Def. Nevertheless, I insist on S Grade to keep standing with Dark Crystal Robe of Casting Speed ​​Horse giving.
Finally everywhere, continues:
[Img] [/ img] Arcana Mace SA: Acumen
Jewels Set

[Size = 13pt] [color = orange] Dyes [/ u] [/ b] [/ color] [/ size]

WE BELIEVE that in general a little bit M.Atk and Casting removing MEN, so I recently Dyes for:
[Img] [/ img] [color = green] WIT [/ color] +4 [color = teal] MEN [/ color] -4
[Img] [/ img] [color = blue] INT [/ color] +4 [color = teal] MEN [/ color] -4

[Size = 13pt] [color = orange] XP Areas: [/ u] [/ b] [/ color] [/ size]

1-8 in Gremlin, Keltir etc..

8-20 Elven Fortress

20-27 Outside Dion

26-32 Outside Cruma

32-40 Cruma Tower 1st Floor

40-45 Outside Hunter Vilage

45-49 Ivory Tower over

49-54 Cemetery

54-61 Forshaken Plains

55-69 Forest Of The Dead

69-76 Hot Springs ..

76-78 Varka / Ketra

Probably 78-85 here with PT or the Primeval Isle MOS

[Size = 13pt] [color = orange] Archmage in PVP: [/ u] [/ u] [/ color] [/ b] [/ size]
Before I begin, I would like to mention that the Cansel to fuck everything normally (I will not say every once in PVP).
Suppose played on a Low rate with few buffakia, and start from the edge of Arenas.

[Color = limegreen] Archmage VS Archer [/ u] [/ color]
Leave it to burst your arrow The skill (not to eat Interupt). Ok now Surender The Fire, Fire Vortex prominence 3-4 and then you'll need, because it has little HP.

[Color = limegreen] Archmage VS Tank [/ u] [/ color]
Quite difficult opponent, and can make you hold and you start to stun, there are probably off. That's why everything is to catch the Slow, start with Slow, then Decay, Surender, Fire Vortex and Prominence. Look to run away while you go get you.

[Color = limegreen] Archmage VS Dagger [/ u] [/ color]
Here there is no way, you do not get the Daggeras.Tespa, you pop 1-2 Sleep does not work if you start surender, Fire Vortex and then catch the Sleep Prominence.An do one and then Slow Decay and then continues as I prin.To But trick is to not turn your back ... Also try to keep your mouse over the opponent, as they will follow you out target.

Note: The only reason that shit is Slow in Daggera to burst MORE YOU CAN hit the hour that comes to us. There is no reason to start running and hit, you break the sinews with Trick and certainly sometime Backstub will eat it. That's why in Daggera not running.

[Color = limegreen] Archmage VS Mage [/ u] [/ color]
Ok now VS mage normally pop Surender, Vortex and more prominence, the same as before if diladi.Tora Dead played against and eat Curse of Abyss rather not have it ... of course the fire vortex greatly reduces casting speed, and you will see the differences in others just do it.

[Color = limegreen] ArchMage VS Gladi / Tyrant [/ u] [/ color]
Try not reach him. Directly start with Slow [/ b], and then after Decay classical process .... enough to flee every time approaching, if you wanted to get closer. Especially with little Gladiator Atk.Speed ​​you grab the Vortex and Slow, will begin from afar and will catch the max 2 "banana" to burst before psofisei.

[Color = limegreen] Archmage VS Destroyer [/ u] [/ color]
You have a good chance as long as you do not catch you soon. Begin with slow and then take advantage of the little speed Destro.Surender, Fire Vortex, prominences.

Note: Here the exact opposite of the PVP with Daggera. But must ALWAYS ALWAYS keep standing further away from the Destro, something that is easy list of Asia's Speed ​​as mentioned above. And generally if you see him Freazy POPS CONTINUE to hit, always keeping a distance, because soon it will fall.

Archmage , lineage shock, lineage 2 zoom out
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