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Generally the Adventurer
O Adventurer, also known as 'daggeras', or as otherwise Treasure Hunter.Polloi saying daggeras meaning the adventurer (something which is technically incorrect)
The daggerades is the most polysyzitimena class of L2
The reason?
Under the control of someone with a 'moderate' L2 knowledge transform into a killing machine if you find from flat
something that is perfectly normal

Tespa, starting in this guide, I have to say that there is no pro with it, or will improve the skills sas.Alla maybe learn some things that will help you in the respective server, and plays, or one who intends to start
(Also, I believe will help those who play chronicles Older and do not know the new things, the Gracia / Freya roundtrips)
Reason to make Adventurer, and differences in relation to Wind Rider / Ghost Hunter (the others daggerades)
-The general stats of race.San Adventurer will have more CON (which translates to + life / cp / stun resist), which means that compared with the other not both die efkola.Episis has neither micro or small STR DEX, generally is very balanced
-Has 2 cancel targets skills, and the MIRAGE, which can save you many times
-Dash for not departing
No more verbiage
Let's see how we Adventurer
Yes, the Adventurer, as I said above, it is human (okay you can make and sub-rofl-but better main, to have and certi)

At the 20 level, you must become Rogue
In 40 level you must become Treasure Hunter
At 76 you must become Adventurer
(Pmfun to find the class quests, if necessary)
Class skills
Backstab hits the opponent when he is filmed BACK k dmg whatsoever POPS go straight to HP (He has probability Lethal strike) Need Dagger
Deadly blow mighty skill, POPS many dmg, of the key skill in our pvp. (He has probability Lethal strike) Need Dagger
Switch makes the opponent lose the Target tou.Mikro reuse
Trick Makes the opponent to lose Target tou.Mikro reuse
Sand Bomb Accuracy of the muon OPPONENT
Lethal strike very strong skill.Skaei many dmg and has great potential for Lethal Strike.Chreiazetai Dagger
Critical Blow measures under skill.Kanei damage, and increases the chance to pop lethal.Echei chance for lethal dagger strike.Chreiazetai
Bluff makes the opponent LOSE target.Pithanotita the opponent shooting BACK k of getting stun
Shadow Step Go to the back of opponents, while making cancel target
Escape Shackle Turns out the root

Ultimate Evasion elevate your evasion and resistance to Debuffs
Give Dash speed (enough). Cooldown Without properly if you have buffs
Focus Chance Decreases the chance to make a critical skill, from brosta.Afxanei from side + rear
Focus Power Increases the probability to catch skills.Dinei +60% dmg When varate from behind +30% dmg when varate Playa -30% when varate from front
Mirage probability, while pounding your opponent to lose target tou.Den could give chance, differs from server to server
Hide nobody can see you, for the duration (30 seconds) (OTHER THAN silent move)
Critical wound: when you get the opponent accepts 30% above crit.dmg
Exciting Adventure for 30 seconds Increases moving speed by 20, evasion by 15 in the deadly attack success rate by 30%, the physical skill evasion ratekata 40%, and resistance to buff canceling attacks by 90.
Vicious Stance Increases the strength of your skills
Focus skill mastery increases the chance to grab the skills or take a buff 2plasio time

(The bar is perfect as you see fit. Wink)
Generally, as adventurer, you have light armor mastery.Afto mean you should wear light, which is logical
Let's see some armor, which I recommended

S-84 Holy Spirit Cloak

Striped Mithril Shirt CP

Sword Breaker
Cursed Maingauche
Crystal Dagger-Mortal strike
Demon Dagger-Mortal Strike
Naga storm-crtitical dmg
Angel Slayer-Critical dmg
Icarus disperser-Crit dmg
Magma Edge + Crit dmg
Okay, as the 40 you can go without jewels
Binding Set
Black Ore Set
Majestic Jewel Set
Tateo Set
Dynasty Jewel Set
Elegia Jewel Set

Boss Jewels

As for the necklace
And valakas and Frintezza, have advantages / disadvantages, but if we get one, try the Freya Necklace

Generally, try to get buffs who are defensive Improved + + in the special

below, one example

Roughly, these xd
it gives STR + + damage to blows
the DEX chance to catch
the CON life / hp / stun resist

all we need at the gnommi my best not to PUT dyes, and if we do only wit +4 int -4

Skill Enchantment
First skill-> Backstab @ Earth (or desired attribute, i suggest earth)
Bluff @ Chance
Lethal blow @ Earth
Deadly blow @ Earth
Focus Power @ Damage
Ultimate Evasion @ Cooldown
Vicius @ Effectiveness

Critical Power @ Power
Dagger Mastery @ Critical Power

and all other (evasion speed etc)

The attacking skills is always +1 in EVEN attribute that we have a weapon!

(For any queries on the attributes, to guide me in this section)

On the weapon, 95% the cases put them earth
Do level 9

On armor, better to keep it 'balanced'

I VAZO earth / fire / holy in 2 pieces, and wind / water / dark but in 2, and the third fix it according to the needs of the server!

Certification skills
After making the quest for certi, you start to get

Physical Defense - Emergent skill, we are doing level 6 (all class)
Counter Haste -3% chance to increase Atk.Spd. when attacking -> Warrior Class (Gladiator, Warlord, Bounty Hunter, Tyrant, Destroyer, Soul Breaker, Berserker)
Crit.dmg Reduction - Reduce the a-beep-t of received critical damage (5% crit.dmg decrease) (Knight Class (Paladin, Dark Avenger, Temple Knight, Shillien Knight))
Counter Barrier-3% chance to become temporarily invincible to damage (but not debuffs) when under attack (Enchanter Class (Prophet, Warcryer, Inspector, Swordsinger, Bladedancer)
General Policies
Try to usable multi switch / trick and keep you with mirage / focus power
To surprise the opponent with Shadow Step
KEEP HIDE to escape
VS archers do not be afraid to press UE
Be spammarete cp pot (lol)
DO Facestab (backstab from the front)

Some video

[Youtube] [/ youtube]

And many more, these recently found (search youtube)

Adventurer, lineage 2 leveling guide, l2 high five archers
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elegia on dagger  Grin google translate ftw
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