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Because i have search a lot to found on complete guide for Hellbound quest for H5 and didn't find any i decide to make mine. If you ask me why to get bother to finish that huge quest there are many reasons.
1st of all you can challenge Beleth boss who is an easy boss (At least for epic Boss) and drop

  Beleth Ring  M.Def.: 48 MP: 21
  Description: MP +38, HP +105, increase M.Def. by 12%, increase Resistance to abnormal mental state by 10, increase abnormal mental state attack chance by 10, increase MP recharge power by 0.23, and increase Resistance to Dark attacks by 30.
which is a really good jewel for all classes.
Also You can lvl up   Up to stage 13 till up to stage 17 to 0-9 characters from the party which delivered the final blow

2nd You can challenge other bosses too on Tower Of The Infinitum Demon Prince,Ranku,on Tully's WorkShop Tully, Darion and on Tower Of Naia Epidos

3rd you can get all dynasty armor and weapon recipes and parts with   Ancient Tome of the Demon (ATOD)

4th You can farm   Dynastic Essence II


When hit lvl 78 you can complete quest Path to Hellbound and then you are able to enter Hellbound Island

TIP Normaly on Hellbound you can't open map until you proceed a lot on quest but there is 1 bug on l2 that you will give you opportunity to open map.
When you are at warpgate before you teleport on HB open map and use englare.Then minimize your map but don't close it and enter HB.From now as long you don't close your map and stay on minimize you can use it freely

TIP Stages 1-3  It would be better to done from 1 party member because only Party leader need it to get through.

Stage 1 (Basic Caravan Certificate)

The place where the Warpgate will deposit you is generally called "Harbor Area", it's a bay on the north coast of Hellbound.

At Harbor there are 4 different mobs Blind Huntsmen, Blind Watchmen, Junior Summoner and Junior Watchman
I suggest you to avoid Juniors mob because they are really strong even for a party

For that stage your purpose is to get   Basic Caravan Certificate. You must collect 20   Darion's Badge which they are dropped almost from all mobs on HB and they are tradeable so no problem who will pick up them.
When you have 20 Bagdes you must move to hidden oasis and talk to Falk to trade 20 Darion's Badge  for Basic Caravan Certificate

Way from harbor area too Hidden Oasis

Stage 2 (Standard Caravan Certificate)

At stage 2 you need to take   Standard Caravan Certificate from Hude on Caravan Encampment which need 80   Scorpion Poison Stinger and 30   Mark of Betrayal

TIP There is no need to go at Hude before you get all needed items

Scorpion Poison Stinger is drop from Sand Scorpion and Desert Scorpion
Mark of Betrayal is drop from Wandering Caravan.


Desert Scorpion and Wandering Caravan can be found at Area 1 and Sand Scorpions on Area 2.


At these 2 areas there are 3 other mob too Sandstorm, Desiccator and Sand Devil.
These 3 can be really annoying because their "sandstorm" can throw you from one spot to another so its better to find a spot without many of them.


WARNING!!!: When you farming on area 1 take care of lvl 81 Aggressive Raid Boss Typhoon


When you collect both of them 30 Mark Of Betrayal and 60 Scorpion Poison Stinger (the other 20 will be needed on next part) it's time to move at Hude to get Standard Caravan Certificate.



TIP 1 At the same spot where you find Hude there is Jude who give quest Jude's Request which is an easy way to get icarus rec and parts when you go deeper on HB quest.

TIP 2 All over Hellbound there is a debuff that reduces your HP to alomst zero during daylight hours (6am until midnight ingame time). With the Standard Caravan Certificate in your quest inventory you can now purchase from Hude the   Caravaner's Remedy that neutralizes this debuff for 1 hour real time. One bottle is 25,000 adena, and the Remedy can not be traded or dropped so only the one with quest can use them.So its good idea to farm on HB from 00:00 to 06:00 am in game time.

Admin: Images Die. Deleted.

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Stage 3 (Premium Caravan Certificate)

At stage 3 you need to take    Premium Caravan Certificate and  Map of Hellbound (which allow to its owner to use map on HB freely) from Hude which need 56  Life Force from Chimera of ***and 14 Contained Life Force from CELTUS.

For collecting the Life Forces you need  Magic Bottle that can be obtained for 20 Scorpion Poison Stingers from Kief at the Native Village.




Once you have obtained your Magic Bottle, head to Battered Lands. But before rush to go there be ready that will be a really hard and long farm. Chimera has 104.480 HP and Celtus 536.945 HP.


AREA 1 In area 1 you can found only Chimeras and they are in good spawns for kill them 1 by 1.

AREA 2 In area 2 you can found Chimeras and Celtus (green spots on map) but it's not an easy farm spot because the most of chimeras are 2+ together and you really don't want to fight them together if it's not necessary.

There are 4 different elemental chimeras
Chimera of Darkness, Chimera of Earth, Chimera of Fire, Chimera of Wind
Each one of them has strong resist at her element and uses the same attribute of attack and its weak agains her opposite element  (Chimera of Darkness Strong against Dark and use Dark attack and she is weak against Holy attack, etc.). So try to pick these who are more suitable to your party.

And of course we have Celtus which they are no easy pushover. They are using Dark attacks, they are strong against Dark and weak against Holy. And unfortunately they have spawn time 2-4 hours so they are really hard to collect all Contained Life Force.




To collect Life Force and Contained Life Force u need to use Magic bottle. To do that start to kill Chimera/Celtus and when its below 10% of her hp use the bottle to drain her life force.


Celtus drop Contained Life Force with 100% chance. On the other hand chimeras have chance 10-20% to drop Life Force or 80-90% to drop  Dim Lie Force which are useless.

Huh?? In some servers that i have play chimeras drop adena, items and give exp normally when u use magic bottle and on some others they don't. So i don't know what will happen on that server but i will tell you when i learn.

When you collect all items go back to Hude at Caravan Encampment to give them at him and receive Premium Caravan Certificate and Map Of Hellbound.

After that you will be able to trade on HUDE  Hidden First PageHidden Second Page and  Demon Contract Fragment (which are obtainable from ATOD) for all dynasty armor and weapons recipes and parts.

TIP That's the only way that you can get recipe for  DYNASTY CRUSHER.

Stage 4 (Inner Oasis)

Next you need to move on Inner Oasis where there are 2 NPC: Mantras and Shadai

SHADAI : Shadai is on only from 00:00-06:00 am. From him you can buy Dynastic Essence I (432 ATOD) and Forgotten Scrolls for level 81 skills  (Expose Weak Point, Sixth Sense, Servitor Barrier, Seven Arrow, Silent Mind, Meteor, Star Fall) (259 ATOD + 12.000.000 adena) . More over he is the only 1 that he can use Dynastic Essence to improve dynasty armor.
 !!!! There is no need to have make HB quest to be able to trade with him.


MATRAS : This is the NPC that you need to keep on with HB QUEST. Matras has 2 quest available :1.Curiosity Of Matras and
2. Matras' Suspicious Request


1.All party members must take Curiosity Of Matras
When they accept it they will reward each one of them with 6 rough ore (one of each element),they are exact the same as attibute stone but you can't trade them.
And to complete that quest you need    Ranku's Blueprint and  Demon Prince's Blueprint

2.About Matras' Suspicious Request i suggest you to take it only 1 member from party
For that quest you must kill any monsters in the first and second floor of the Base Tower of the Steel Citadel and collect 744  Red Stones from them and Matras will reward you with    Dynastic Essence II.

Stage 5 (Market Town/Base Tower)

Now its time to move on.To enter Steel Citadel 1st tower (Tower Of The Infinitum) you need to pass through Market Town (Instance) and Base Tower.

Part 5.1 (Market Town)

After all party member took quest Curiosity Of Matras go to Market Town entrance and enter via Kanaf on instance.Party leader must be the one who complete stage 1-3.

Market town is not hard and the only thing that you have to do is to find Steel Citadel Keymaster and obtain  Key of Evil Eye. Keymaster can be found in one of the five buildings marked with a green dot in the map above.


TIP I suggest you to use  Dance of Shadow to avoid fights with Town Guard groups. But unfortunately you can't avoid fight with Town Patrolman becasue they can see through Dance of Shadow.
!!!! Care when you fight any mob on maret town there is a chance to spawn Amaskari who is surrounded by 10-12 Natives.When that happen focus on kill Amaskari fast and natives will disappear when he is dead.


When you collect Key of Evil Eye move to Moonlight Tombstone and insert the key into the Stele, and after 5 minutes you will be teleported into the Base Tower of the Steel Citadel.


Part 5.2 (Base Tower)

1st floor

The first floor of the Base Tower is composed of wide halls and a labyrinth.Its not an instance so you can free restart or log out without get teleported outside.Even though it's not instance you can't join freely because market town has 1 hour cd and you must pass it to get in here.
All monster in Base Tower drop  Red Stones for Matras' Suspicious Request.

Suggestion If you are here for collecting Red Stones and farm go freely and kill as many mobs s you want. But if you are for keep on with HB quest use  Dance of Shadow to avoid all mobs except these that are necessary and i will mention them when its need.

1st room is a big hall with 2 gates.One at left called "Door of Darkness" and one at right called "Door of Destruction" which one of them lead on a different labyrinth. Both of them lead at the entrance of 2nd floor but the Door of Destruction's labyrinth is more faster.


Every door on Base Tower need 1 specific key to open and keys may be fail on use so its good always have 2-3 spare.

1st time that you will enter in Base Tower unfortunately you can only follow the long labyrinth via Door of Darkness because
 Gate Key: Destruction drops at 2nd floor.

At hall there are 2 monster groups with 1 Body Destroyer and 3 Soul Dominator. Both of them drop  Gate Key: Darkness.

When you get the Key open Door of Darkness and get into the labyrinth.
From here just keep avoid all mobs except Labyrinth Seer because she drop  Gate Key: Blood and you need it to get through Door of Blood


After you pass through Gate of Blood just pass the labyrinth and go to the 2nd floor.

2nd floor

2nd floor of Base Tower is more simple and easy than 1st.You don't need to kill mob until you get at last room.

The only mob that worth to kill is Passageway Captain which drop  Gate Key: Destruction.
TIP 1 And i suggest you to collect more than 5 keys each time because Door of Destruction has aroun 30% chance to fail at opening.
TIP 2 There is no need to kill Captain on your way because you must kill them on last room too so just pass them and farm when you are there.


Now before you go to Jerrian and let you move at Tower Of The Infinitum all party member must have on them  Fiery Demon Blood buff. You can get that from mobs on last room.
TIP: Because Fiery Demon Blood has 10 min duration its better kill mobs and let it on floor until there are 9 of them and pick up 1 of them each party member.


When all of members have Fiery Demon Blood move to Jerian.Now give ATTENTION all player must take from him quest Target of Opportunity EXCEPT party leader because he is the only one who can move you to the next stage. So get sure all member accept it and press "Yes,let me go inside" (even though you will not move) and after that party leader must accept quest to and then "Yes,let me go inside" to move all party at Tower of Infinitum.
If anyone make the mistake and move to next floor without accept quest, he can't go back at Jerian from there and he must do all the way again


Stage 6 (Tower of Infinitum/Demon Prince/Ranku)

Stage 6.1 (Target of Opportunity Quest)

Jerian will teleport you at Tower of Infinitum's 1st floor (There are 10 floors,8 of them with mobs,Demon Prince on 5th floor and Ranku on 10th).
In each Floor there is Teleport Device from which Pt leader can move you freely 1 floor up or down except 5th and 10th (bosses).


Now all of you must complete "Target opportunity" quest. For that you need
Seal Components Part 1 from Cosmic ScoutSeal Components Part 2 from Cosmic WatcherSeal Components Part 3 from Cosmic Priest and  Seal Components Part 4 from Cosmic Lord.


TIP Each floor has different number of each mob. From my experience for farming parts 1,2 is better on 1st floor, for 3,4 on 9th floor.

When all member have collect them you must go back at Jerian. Unfortunately there is no way to get back from there so you must soe and repeat Stage 5 (this time 1st Floor of Base Tower will be more faster because you can go through Door of Destruction).
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Hellbound guide , l2 high five server files, lineage 2 ertheia hairstyle
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