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« on: April 26, 2013, 02:55:37 AM »

Subclass skills

There are 2 ways of getting subclasses:

1- Fate’s Whisper Quest (From Reorin, East Oren)

2- Becoming nobles by Territory Wars (120 badges from the same territory needed)

Before starting your very first subclass, have in mind that, depending on the class, you will be able to get some skills out of it. So check the skills of each group of classes before doing your subclasses. Also, make sure you do the “More than meets the eye” quest, which you start in Hardins Private Academy, NPC: Hardin. The quest is fast and easy and needed to learn the certification skills.

Each subclass will give you a skill 4 times: at level 65 (Emergent Skill), level 70 (Emergent Skill), level 75 (Class specific or Master Skill) and level 80 (Divine Transformation).

To obtain the certificates, speak with the grand master of your subclass. You will be able to obtain them only after reaching the level of the certification you want to obtain. Once with it, change to your main class, and speak with NPC Avant-Garde, in Ivory Tower (Human 2nd Floor) to learn the skill.

You can remove all your certification skills by speaking with Avant-Gard as well, but you will have to pay 10,000,000 adena. You can obtain the certification from the same subclass after deleting them. But don’t forget that certain skills are unique to certain classes.

Here’s a list of skills you can obtain:

Group of L2 classes:

At level 80, you will be able to learn a transformation. Transformations are permanent. They last 30 minutes and have a reuse of 4 hours. Each group of classes has its own transformation and they all have different skills. From all the 7 Divine Transformations, I’d say that the most useful is the Divine Healer. The Divine Healer has a skill similar to Sublime Self Sacrifice: Sacrifice your life, recovers HP and MP of all party members; which can be really useful in many situations. Of course that I’d suggest classes like BD, SWS and maybe the Buffer the have it and not the healers since it won’t recover its own HP/MP.

I hope you find this tutorial usefull!

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« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2013, 05:18:05 AM »

Pro charts! very well written and very useful!

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