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Author Topic: Dragon Valley: A shortcut for a Vesper Weapon  (Read 18906 times)
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« on: March 07, 2013, 04:45:04 AM »

Before starting this tutorial, i'd like to advise you to take all the quests related to Dragon Valley from the Separated Soul NPC. Also, you should do the quest called “Tired of Waiting” (one time quest) from Isael Silvershadow (Hunters Village), and ask for a Large Dragon Bone as reward. That item will be necessary to summon the raidbosses needed for this quest.

Quest to accept:
Legendary Tales (One time quest)
NPC: Gilmore (Entrance of Dragon Valley)
Quest Reward: Vesper Weapon of your choice.

The Legendary Tales quest consists on killing 7 different raidbosses in Dragon Valley. Here's a list of the raidbosses you will have to kill:

•   Emerald Horn
lvl 84 raidboss, earth attribute. He has a debuff that lowers your P.def for 40% and 2 kinds of bleed, one of them (Worsening bleed) is a real pain in the ass and affects all the party. Having mass vitalize/mass purify is a must. Some ppl like mana burning it.

•   Bleeding Fly
lvl 84 raidboss, wind attribute. This one also has the mass bleed skill as the previous. It also spawns Parasite Leeches. I would advise you to kill the leeches as fast as possible. The longer your take to kill the boss, tho, the more leeches it will spawn.

•   Dust Rider
lvl 84 raidboss, wind attribute. Dust Rider has a petrify that affects people around him. Therefor, i'd advise you to keep the support  (buffers and healers) away from him. Apart from the petrification skill, he also has a debuff that reduces Atk.speed and Cast. Speed for 50% during 30 seconds. A Cardinal with cleanse and perhaps a SwordMuse with the Purification Song can would be usefull.

•   Blackdagger Wing
lvl 84 raidboss, dark attribute. This raidboss doesn't have any particular debuff. However, he hits harder than the previous ones. A good equiped tank will have no problem tanking it.

•   Spike Slasher
lvl 84 raidboss, water attribute. For this one, i'd consider having, not only a Cardinal with Cleanse, but also a Shillien Saint with Mass Purify. This raidboss also has a petrification skill, that affects people around him, so once again, the support classes should keep their distance from it. The boss spawns some minions that you should kill.

•   Shadow Summoner
lvl 84 raidboss, dark attribute. Shadow is kinda hard to get, he's one of the 2 rarest bosses. You might take a while to get him =) This one has Silence, so healers and buffers should really keep a distance from this one. A Cardinal with Cleanse is a must!

•   Muscle Bomber
lvl 84 raidboss, fire attribute. This one is the rarest raidboss of the 7. This raid boss has better defensive stats than the previous ones, so you need good damage dealers to kill it. In the other hand, he doesn't deal as much damage as most of the other raidbosses.

How to spawn the raidbosses?

First of all, you will need an item called “Large Dragon Bone”, that as mentioned before, can be dropped by mobs in Dragon Valley. There's usually people selling them in Hunters Village too.
Only 1 person per party needs it, and that person will be the one summoning it. The item disappears after you use it, but you can summon a new raid just after killing one.
To summon the raidbosses you need to speak with a Dragon Vortex. There are 4 Dragon Vortex scattered in Dragon Valley. Using the Separated Soul, find one far away from places crowded with people. Have in consideration that, the most important thing you can get from those raidbosses is the Quest Item and people might try to steal your raidboss in order to get it.

Here's a map with the location of the Dragon Vortex:

Once you click on “Use a Large Dragon Bone” one of the 7 raidbosses will appear. It's completly random, you cannot choose the raidboss. Some are more rare then other.

After an experiment conducted by Koreans Korean Random Chances, there's a 5,6% chance of getting Shadow Summoner and around 4,4% chance of getting Muscle Bomber. So don't give up after a few attempts of getting those 2. Some people wasted over 50 bones until they got Muscle Bomber.

Everytime you kill a different raidboss, you will receive a quest item called: Large Dragon Skull. Once you've collected the 7 quest items, go back to Gilmore and choose the weapon you'd like to have as reward.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Let me know if there's any mistake in it and let me know if there's anything else you'd like to have a tutorial for!

May the Force be with you,

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