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Author Topic: LF CP or Clan  (Read 1090 times)
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« on: April 29, 2012, 03:16:16 AM »

Good all

I live in Spain, I am very active and am looking for active CP or active clan, I've been playing since the L2 c4 chronicle in different server off and l2j, I have the next pj's to play, the characters I use are:

Wind-rider lv84 main class, subclass lv's 80 75 75 (noble) I have divine transformation of lv80 enchanter.
• Equipment: Moirai S80 and vesper shaper crit dmg

Lv80-Swordmuse main class, subclass 75 warlock
• Equipment: Heavy Moirai S80

Shillien Saint-lv82
• Equipment: Moirai robe s80 + icarus spirit with augment magical attack lv10

Warcryer lv80-class main (Buffer staff)
Lv74 Prophet main-class (second buffer staff)
Hawkeye and Arbalester low-level.

Server x15* whisp sharingan in the game*

Among others, a salute to all and i'm waiting to find a good cp or clan soon. Smiley


Buenas a todos

Vivo en España, soy muy activo y estoy buscando una CP o clan activo, llevo jugando desde la crónica c4 al L2 en diferentes server off y l2j, dispongo de los siguiente pj’s para jugar, los personajes que más utilizo son:

-Wind rider lv84 main class, subclases lv’s 80 75 75 (noble) dispongo de transformacion divine enchanter de lv80.
•   Equipo: Moirai S80 y daga vesper shaper crit dmg

-Swordmuse lv80 main class, subclase warlock 75
•   Equipo: Moirai heavy S80

-Shillien Saint lv82
•   Equipo: Moirai robe s80 + icarus spirit con augment de nuke magico lv10

-Warcryer lv80 main class (Buffer personal)
-Prophet lv74 main class (Segundo buffer personal)
-Hawkeye y arbalester low level.

Server x15* whisp sharingan in the game*

Entre otros, un saludo a todos espero poder encontrar una buena cp o clan pronto. Smiley
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