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Author Topic: Vintage Jewelry Facts That You Should Know  (Read 856 times)
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You have most probably always associated the word 'vintage' with everything that is old and antique. So, does it come as a surprise to you if you find brand new jewelry that is tagged as vintage when you visit your jeweler? Have you often wondered what is it about some pieces of jewelry that are popularly known as vintage jewelry? The answer to all your questions about vintage jewelry lies in the fact that the word 'vintage' is an epithet used to categorize jewelry that is designed according to the classic designs that fall under the vintage category. It does not matter whether the jewelry is a hundred years old or it has just been manufactured by your jeweler.

Victorian period vintage jewelry - Time period - 1835 to 1900

When someone proudly shows off her brand new vintage Victorian wedding ring sets, you should now understand that the wedding rings belong to the Victorian style that was prevalent between the years 1835 and 1900. Jewelry from this era mostly consisted of yellow or rose gold designs with intricate patterns. Diamonds were discovered on a large-scale during this time period in places such as South Africa which led to a widespread use of diamonds for diamond rings in wedding rings sets. The mine cut diamonds were popular during this time. Rows of diamonds were encrusted upon the metal gold settings adding glamour to the glitz.

Edwardian period vintage cheap jewelry- Time period - 1900 to 1920

What followed the Victorian period was popularly known as the Edwardian period that lasted for duration of 20 years. During this time, artisans used lacy shapes, scrollwork, milgraining and filigree work on wedding sets using platinum for all their work. Platinum became the favorite of people too and complete wedding jewelry collections began to be made using this metal. Some jewelers also started the use of sapphires in wedding ring sets and this became quite a rage world-wide too. Even today, you will find platinum as an excellent choice for your wedding jewelry, whether it bears the designs belonging to the vintage Edwardian era or is newly fashioned according to the designs of this bygone era.
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